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Question about traffic infringement notices

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  • Question about traffic infringement notices

    Got one of these in the post, I know not to speed in the area that I was allegedly speeding in as it's a regular for the revenue collection agency

    In the photo there are 2 cars, mine and some other car


    1. Is there anyway to query this without going to court

    2. Anyone that has done it, is it worth it?

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    How much is it costing you?


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      $150 world isnt going to end but I'd like to query it


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        There is a certain distance required between you and other vehicles.
        No, you need to go to court. You may win, if you're lawyer is any good. However, they don't send the ones that you can get off on. CHances are you were actually speeding and didn't realise it.

        The place to go see the photograph is in East Perth, Wellington st from memory, but it'd be written on your fine somewhere.


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          If the photo came from one of the new cameras, no joy. They can pick which vehicle is speeding and label the photo thus. You can view the pic in East Perth (the address should be on the notice they sent you), but chances are you're getting a pineapple, court date or not.
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            You don't need to go to court, you need to go to the camera services branch and argue there before it ever goes to court.

            If you got caught with a Multanova you can pretty much tell them to please tear it up because there's no way of telling which vehicle it was.

            The new poliscan units, unfortunately, can tell which vehicles are doing what speed and if one of these got you you're screwed.

            Go in, ask to see the original photo, argue that it wasn't you and see how you go.
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              cheers peeps