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    Hi guys,
    We were broken into last night. Brick through the laundry door and they were off within 3 minutes in our Lexus IS250.

    Its black and the rego is 1DKV 868. On the slim chance anyone happens to spot it, drop me a PM. I recall 1 bike being recovered through PSB so I thought I'd try me luck.



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    Bastards! I did hear one car load of thieves fucked up their shit in Mirrabooka this morning while trying to evade police. We can only hope it was them.
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      Unfortunately no, unless they dumped spuds' Lexus and stole an AU Falcon later.


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        oh well, one less thief is still a good thing.
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          Thats sucks, well just think about this the police are more likely to find your car quicker than a bike

          They are still probley driving the car as we speak!


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            Definately unfortunate. Hope all pans out well
            Signed ....Mal....

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            Ride the boner that gives you the biggest bike.


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              How'd they get into the car and start it so quick?
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                Originally posted by Sulph View Post
                How'd they get into the car and start it so quick?
                Got the keys, unless Lexi (guessing this is the plural form for Lexus) are really easy to hot wire, like the instructions to show how to do it are under the dash
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                  Nah, lexus use NFC (bluetooth) RMCG keys that are one way connected to the multi valve ECU for the same effect as Toyota's keyless go system. But they do cool things like open and close your boot for you. Why they don't use the Toyota system is because this system allows you to pair your vehicle with pretty much any smart phone! It is pretty damn cool - the iPhone 5 will come with it standard. Apple iPhone 5 with NFC capabilities helps eliminate carrying credit cards, travel cards and keys | Top Stories Around but really any modern phone is capable.

                  With it being based on a widely used frequency - it was found that the security protocols did not extend to vehicles with right hand drive and to gain access to just the driver door - one of the options was suddenly exposed. This is a standard option for when you leave your lights on and the car doesn't have enough power to unlock all the doors at once.

                  Well, without the security on this; you can DOS attack the car until the 1 in 256000 (or double that - just like thumb drives go up in 2x jumps) code is found. Using a phone that does 500mb/min will solve the problem in less than a minute. Using a computer you could only do it in as much time as your phone as the car is only as fast as a phone so the geeks driving around town hacking are not a threat... just everyone!


                  Remote Make Car Go
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                    Cheers guys.

                    Yeah, they got their hands on the keys pretty quick and just bolted for the car... after they picked up my wallet and the missus' handbag and some other stuff.



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                      Have you heard anything from the police today?


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                        Nope. No news yet.


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                          I hope you get some good news soon mate


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                            Will keep eyes open.

                            One of the theives from this morning died - I'd heard he entered hospital with blood pissing out everywhere. I know one of the nurses. I'm sorry if it's offensive, but suck shit. Don't steal shit, you wont crash and die and I won't laugh. I bet it's nothing less than the owner would like to do anyway.

                            Good luck with the recovery mate.
                            Where abouts is Wilson?


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                              between Bentley and Shelly. Will keep an eye out on my travels...