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  • Help! Need Beer!!

    Dam it, I didn't realise that the Bottle shops would be shut on Good Friday, whats good about that?

    I have just spend the day at the beach and then over 40 minutes driving round.

    If you can sell me 12 bottles or a carton and you are NOR, please message me before 7pm tonight. Thanks people.

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    1st and last time you'll make that mistake.


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      well street hawk you must have just graduated to being able to legally is one of the very few days in a year that bottle shops are closed....and if you need a beer that need to go and visit an organisation called is only 24hrs till you can get your fix
      A site all parents should check regulary



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        I'm in Alexander Heights, and have a spare half carton of fat yak. PM me your best offer
        For LAMS information and resources -
        For LAMS discussion and to ask questions -


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          You can watch footy, buy fast food, rent a movie but you cant buy a beer!

          Well thats it I'm no longer supporting the local bottle shop, I'm gonna brew my own from now on. As for calling AA, I haven't got a drink problem, just a problem of not being able to buy a beer when I want one.


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            I don't think the bottle shop has a choice as to whether to open or not. As far as I'm aware, bottle shops can't trade on Good Friday as a condition of their liquor licence.