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  • Home theatre quickie

    Hey, when you have home theatre amp is there any harm in only plugging in 2 speakers instead of using the full 5.1 range?


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    Not at all. Just need to tell it that theres only 2 plugged in.


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      Depends very much on the design... I wouldnt risk it if you are not sure.

      You can blow channels (connected or unconnected) with some designs if its expecting an impedance through a speaker on every channel.

      A lot of systems have the option to change to stereo output (be it via manual switches/jumpers or in the settings/menu).
      (this may turn off the other speaker channels completely)
      (Also check for full manuals on the net if you dont have one.)

      Otherwise.... Turn it to zero volume and try setting it to a stereo option.
      Then turn it up a little (so you can hear something quietly) and put one speaker on all the outputs one by one.
      If only 2 channels have something coming out... go for it.
      If the front left and front right have the same thing, and the front and rear right have the same thing as the second stereo channel .... I wouldn't turn it up with just 2 connected,


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        Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System
        For these big boys.

        Yeah there is definitely a stereo option there; thought I'd ask the brains trust first!


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          just make sure stereo doesn't duplicate the channels...
          (but I believe Logitec switches off the rear channels.. . well mine does but its a different model)

          try it out first quietly and you will be fine.


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            Seems perfect. Cheers boys