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High pressure water cleaner

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  • High pressure water cleaner

    Anybody know anything about these things such as which is the better brand to buy
    looking at the electricial ones for home use washing car,cleaning walls ect
    looked in Bunnings and they are aroung $200+

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    Karcher are a quality item, them seem to last very well
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      I have one of the $99 Karacher (sp?) ones from Bunnings and it is great for the bike, car, patio, etc

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        The difference between a $200 one and an industrial ~$800 one is amazing but usually a total overkill. The $200 ones usually aren't powerful enough to cause damage as well.
        Our $130 bunnings Karcher isn't powerful enough. It replaced a Bosh one that was corroded but the difference was marked. The Bosh would instantly break skin on fan at ~25cm. The Katcher wont break skin on the focused beam at ~15cm. Very disappointing.

        The one I can borrow from work - on the lowest setting will remove barnacles from the boat. On the highest setting would cause water to penetrate the fiberglass. Used on the props, it strips to the bare metal in an instant.
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          karcher 410 and the kew hobby are the ones i have and are fine for me so its like anything
          you buy for the purpose of use

          dont go buying a home use and expect it to be used as an industrial one

          another trick is to pull the trigger before you turn it on and off so as relief the water pressure on the pump

          thats my 20 cents worth
          do you think i lack self discipline