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Kaspersky problem - anyone else have the same.

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  • Kaspersky problem - anyone else have the same.

    Sorry to be a bore...but.....

    Put Kaspersky on about 9 months ago, as the AVG was due to expire and some people said good things about Kaspersky....however it hasn't been a pretty ride.

    Apparently there's a conflict between Thunderbird and Kaspersky, and to get e-mails to download I have to turn off a couple of scan functions. Not the end of the world, but what did I pay my money for????

    Anyway, this latest problem is a doozy.

    To cut a long story short, for several days, the computer freezes up, slow as a wet week. The only real sign of problem was a message saying "WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING"

    I learnt that it can be because of recent add-ons that don't work properly, or I need some Micorsoft updates.

    Updates failed to download, or couldn't because the 'puter was so slow, so the latest add-ons that I can find relate to Kaspersky.

    So I download AVG FREE, disable the add-ons and turn off Kaspersky.

    Problem solved.

    However, the Windows 7 Service Pack won't install, possibly because whenever the machine does a restart, Kaspersky fires up again.....

    So I'm on the verge of uninstalling Kaspersky......only about 90 days to run on the subscription, so it could be worse....but it still seems like a radical step.

    So, has anyone else had a similar issue?????


    BTW, found several links on the net relating to similar probs...

    HELLO WORLD ยป Kaspersky Antivirus Update Causes Problems

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    1) remove Kaspersky and AVG
    2) Install Microsoft Security Essentials
    3) Relax No money lost.