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  • Hoon Law Misuse?

    Hi there brains trust,

    So....this morning I was dropping off some additional pavers at my new house. The only 'sensible' way to do so meant parking across the narrow road blocking all traffic. At the chosen spot, using the neighbours driveway (with permission) there is a way around effectively meaning cars could do a block (about 400m) to get around. Tradies (who have to do this all day) were happy and went around. All up we blocked the road for about 5 mins.

    Mid-way through unloading, and after cutting all the bindings, a lady drives up and starts hurling abuse at us. Typical "you're making me late" stuff. I politely approached her and asked if should go around. "Why the F should I??!!" was the response. I explained that we had cut the tape and moving would only have the pavers break. "Not my F'ing problem...MOVE!". At this point I politely said no, pointed to the detour and quickly went back to unloading the pavers. Every tradie in the area had come out to have a giggle. In a huff, she floors the Statesman, smokes up the tyres and promptly heads home.

    A minute or two later, we've finished and I've moved the car and trailer. Madam grumpy turns up with husband and points at me and carries on a bit (I'll admit one tradie - not mine, called her a 'silly old cow' at this point) and she says she's calling the authorities. I tell her that's her choice and I'd be happy to have a chat with whomever she wants.

    The local council ranger turns up (while I'm not there), has a chat with some of the guys and leaves issuing no warning etc.

    When I get back all the tradies (from about 5 or so sites) are saying they're going to report her burn-out and get her car confiscated. Now I'm not one for stirring the pot but I had to laugh but apparently they've done it before.^_^

    Misuse or fair game?

    BTW: I get she was probably having a bad morning and this might happen often in a new estate, and I have no ill-will.

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    Bet she'd be the first whinging about wheelies in her street.
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      It's a fairly cunty act, but in a way, directing laws like this at the completely wrong people might highlight how ridiculous they really are.
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        FAIR GAME - she sounds like a right biatch... but i doubt you'll be able to get the statement taken away... good luck to you.

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          Totally unfair and not what the laws are directed at.
          I say go for it.


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            Misuse? Isn't that exactly what this law was brought in for? Confiscate the vehicles of folks who would use them in anger. Would be playing by the rules if you ask me.
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              apart from the fact you said she took off smoking up her tyres.........that's illegal and definately grounds for hoon legislation to comply.

              Plus you aren't the one that is doing this, the other tradies are. So sit back and enjoy the show.

              Plus the others are right, if someone did that in front of her, you can guarantee that she would have called the cops herself.


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                Nah. The car probably is the husband's ride - sounds like he has enough problems.


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                  Oh I'd never have a go at the tradies for doing what they think is right. That's their business and by the way they were talking she's been an 'issue' before and they've had enough. But I do wonder how many others have been falsely reported as payback (though she did lose traction of the driven wheels :p).

                  Husband followed in another car so not his...


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                    Originally posted by Cam View Post
                    Misuse? Isn't that exactly what this law was brought in for? Confiscate the vehicles of folks who would use them in anger. Would be playing by the rules if you ask me.

                    i like the 'you're making me late' comment, then she precedes to trundle all the way home and continue the fight with her pussy whipped husband...

                    if I was so late... i wouldn't said a quiet fuck you in my car, pulled a sneaky 180 and sucked up the 2minute detour like a boss.


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                      Originally posted by V4moose View Post
                      but i doubt you'll be able to get the statement taken away...
                      Originally posted by Melkor
                      The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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                        I'd do it for a laugh...but then again you have to live there and probly put up with her in the future.


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                          Originally posted by The Saint View Post
                          fixed... ish


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                            report her



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                              follow her home and shit in her letterbox
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