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  • new facebook targeted ads

    I'm finding them just a little un-nerving. They take a word or 2 from latest posts in a status update, then magically ads appear for those things. It really does feel like somebody is standing over your shoulder watching your every move (which of course they are).

    So let's turn this into a game, find the most funny/ridiculous ads, and post screenshots.
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    First person to put "anal sounding" in their status update wins a prize.


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      the whole google adwords thing is amazing. the number of escort and porn ads i get on my home computer compared to my work one proves how smart the system is.


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        Where do I pick up my prize?


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          2 points for incorporating the words "anal sounding" into your status update
          -5 points for lack of creative effort

          Total: -3 points.

          You owe Jim a prize.
          Originally posted by Melkor
          The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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            And -5 points for entirely missing the point and not showing any facebook ads based on your status.


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              Click image for larger version

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                Hehehe... my suggestion (ably discovered by the other Cameron Michael, credit where credit is due) is "I will lick your asshole"
                Originally posted by Ferris
                I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

                Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                  Way too slow to get the prize, but a welcome distraction.

                  Yesterday, use of the words "gossip" and "Facebook" in comments gave me recommendations for pages with those titles.

                  With my new update, the recommendations include the Perth Bucket List. I'll pass: with anal sounding already there, any other item on that list is surely going to be a disappointment.

                  Other suggestions are that I either work from home or fly to the Gold Coast. Given the lascivious nature of my recent FB chats, flying to the Gold Coast to work from home could be on the cards, so I'd say it works.


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                    *gasp* you just revealed your secret bookface identity to everyone!
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                      EDIT: It was never what you'd call deep cover.
                      Anyway, back to trolling for Facebook ads.
                      What do I want/need?
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                        Perhaps now we're getting somewhere...



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                          you also get different ads come up when you change relationship status lol


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                            ^true! I'm so sick of wedding ads!!!
                            Splling n grammaz rebel fo lyfe. Wotevs homoez.


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                              ^ Try being "In a relationship" for just a couple of months and have them show you ads about engagement rings!! O_o
                              Ride Smart. Like everyone's out to get you.

                              Originally posted by Ryven
                              PSB: Where the women are lesbian attention whores, the men are insecure about their own sexuality, and anyone who had any real sense gave up and left.
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