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Wanted: V8 Block

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  • Wanted: V8 Block

    Originally posted by Brougham View Post
    Coffee table
    spot on.

    i'll do the ring around then
    Yes officer, I did see the speed limit sign. I just didn't see YOU!

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    Wanted: V8 Block

    Anyone got a (preferably V8) block lying around that they want rid of? cracked or whatever for ornamental purposes, or know where i can get one
    Yes officer, I did see the speed limit sign. I just didn't see YOU!


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      Maybe try some of the performance workshops, I'm sure they have the odd block lying around with a hole in the side from when something has thrown a leg!
      Southside engine centre
      Chris mills performance


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        Coffee table


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          Stuff like that is only cool if it's your old V8 block, so you can tell the grandkids how you blew it up back in the days of fossil fuels and how cool the car was.

          though I guess you can just make the story up.


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            Every one has a story.....



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              Your best bet is the scrap metal dealers, they usually have
              plenty of this sorta thing lying around and will only charge
              you for it's weight in cast iron
              Also try ringing engine reconditions, they usually have plenty
              of dead engines and probably would be happy to get rid of one
              for nothing
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                Just found one in our scrap metal bin

                PM me if you want it.

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