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  • House for a dog :-/

    I'm off traveling for about 12-18 months and unfortunately, after many attempts through friends and family, I can't find a home (short term or permanent) for my dog Luger.

    So I figure I got him off PSB, maybe someone else on PSB may be able to help?

    He's a flat coat retriever, just over 3 years old. House and leash trained.
    Fairly well behaved, he'll come when you call him, and will sit, lay down, roll over etc.
    But can still be a bit of a puppy sometimes (which is a good thing).

    Click image for larger version

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    Pretty much the happiest dog I've ever seen.

    Am ideally looking for someone to look after him while we're away, but I know it's a long time, so would understand if someone wanted to keep him.

    So if anyone has some spare doggy room, or would like a lovely addition please shoot me a PM or give me a bell on
    0417 974 984.


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      I would imagine local council animal shelter should be able to assist you in adopting him out. If you cant find anyone.


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        If you can't find someone, Shenton Park Dog Refuge is fantastic. The best staff and even better volunteers shameless promotion
        Ride Smart. Like everyone's out to get you.

        Originally posted by Ryven
        PSB: Where the women are lesbian attention whores, the men are insecure about their own sexuality, and anyone who had any real sense gave up and left. - beautiful dogs looking for their Forever Home


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          pm sent
          leather coated squid


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            Cheers for the advice..

            found a couple of good shelters that do long term boarding.