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Top 10 low pass fly-by's

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  • Top 10 low pass fly-by's

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    OT: great video
    FEADCinc, PSB?


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      Thats not a low pass, THIS is a low pass. ^_^

      YouTube - Spitfire Low Pass

      EDIT: I should have watched the vid first, sry Desmo, they were awesome low passes.

      Must have had too many brewskies when I posted this.
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        Impressive job with the KC135R (French) @ #2. I stood between the pilots of one as we beat up the USS Theodore Roosevelt (Aircraft Carrier) level with the flight deck. When I looked at the guys flying, both were looking at the aircraft carrier, not forward and we had a slight descent going. Weren't too far off being shark food that day.

        You can't beat the record for lowest flying, only equal it.

        Ground crew struck by C130
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          I have no video to contribute, although I was the recipient of a "low pass" by a B1-B Lancer once :o

          And Lord, it was loud. I can still feel my internal organs shaking, just thinking about it.


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            Number one is one of the kewlest things I've ever seen. That's awesome! :awesome:
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              here's one of my favourites from one of my favourites (Puma).


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                An Australian one.



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                  Reminds me of when i was at Pensacola beach in the USA a couple years ago, the blue angles where practicing for a big show the next day. Announcer broadcast the next move as "the sneak attack" before the captain did a low pass from behind the crowd.
                  I shit 10 bricks and dropped to the deck from the sound-awsome experience!!
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                    Awsom whatching the condensation at the front of the pressure wave
                    love that shit
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                      Seen a few good unintentional things growing up around Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm. Harrier ditch in the local river, flybys of chinooks with land rovers swinging below. I think that's where my fascination for them came from.
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                        Awesome video, but I personally rate #3 as the best one there.

                        And here is a B-52 pilot who, while not buzzing the ground per se, did end up extremely close. Extremely close.

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                          Originally posted by McGoo View Post
                          Backstory to this is that the pilot had apparently been reported for reckless behaviour on a number of previous occaisions - unfortunately this time his actions cost a number of men their lives.