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Nespresso machine: Anyone have any personal experience to share?

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    Originally posted by Nathan View Post
    agreed, but for simple and something better than nescafe blend 43 its worth it.

    The simplicity and speed of it really does make it pretty a pretty good solution.


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      Originally posted by Nath View Post

      The simplicity and speed of it really does make it pretty a pretty good solution.
      I have a delonghi automatic machine for that. Grinds beans, pours shot and depths milk in one button press, out the door with a pretty decent coffee in about 45seconds.


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        Yea... but $3-400 vs $xxxx?


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          New Full Automatic Auto Expresso Coffee Machine Maker | eBay

          seen this on ebay....looks like an option to nespresso machine...was in myers today looking at a nespresso and a saeco pod machine
          A site all parents should check regulary



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            I'd me more inclined to look at this;

            Meh.. I take it back.

            Coffee Machine - Automatic Espresso machine and automatic coffee machines w/ 19 bar Italian pump - Kogan Technologies
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              I don't really see the point of these things.

              Sure your upfront cost is cheaper but how much more expensive is it to buy the pods all the time compared to buying bags of beans for an auto machine.

              And your limited to what nespresso can provide.


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                Or stop providing when they change the design of the pods
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                  Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                  Or stop providing when they change the design of the pods
                  sure it's possible just like anything, but they've had them for what....20 years now???

                  they don't make the worlds best coffee, but for an office, or for someone who can't be faffed, they are great.


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                    Originally posted by Nath View Post
                    Has anyone got any experience with Kogan products? What are they like?


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                      We've got a Lavaaza pod machine - the machines free, provided you buy a 100 pods every 3 months for a year!
                      (similar deal to the office machine). The coffees OK. - typical Lavaaza - Good, but not great!
                      I've got an older Saeco Incante machine out in the barn, the grinder won't push the coffee through to the brewing unit or something - a bit of a bugger as it had a new boiler a year or so ago.....bloody electronics!
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                        I got the FAX spam about that Lavazza system today.

                        Can't believe people still FAX spam.


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                          I haven't got the Nespresso, but a friend I work with seems to think they work well.

                          Also I snapped this at Infusions in the city. Not sure if it will help anyone, but it might save you some money.
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                            Good one Rocky !
                            I'll look into that.
                            I make one coffee a day at home, and I'm the only one who drinks it in the house.
                            I'm not interested in cleaning a machine or something that takes up a lot of space.

                            The delonghi nespresso jobbie I have at home is great. It's small and every now and then I just run it without a capsule in it to give it a rinse and it's good to go.
                            I can't be arsed with cleaning the Aeroccino milk frother thing so i just put a bit of cofee into the cup, top it up with milk, bang it in the microwave for a minute and I'm done.

                            I'm not a coffee snob so I'm not that fussed about the whole thing, but I enjoy the result from that little machine better than the big automated one at work.


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                              we've had one at work for a few years now and its only just bearable.

                              Its heaps better than instant though, but as mentioned above, if you like real coffee then it isnt the machine you.