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Make your own maps for a US trip?

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  • Make your own maps for a US trip?


    The Mrs and I are due for a Holiday to the US in August.

    I would really love to drive from LA to San Fran, but heard highway 1 could take upto 12 hours or more.

    Not particularly keen on driving down the coast the whole way, as I'm pretty sure once I see the first 200 miles or so of coast it's bound to like very similar.

    However, i'd be completely happy to drive a certain distance before cutting back into the I-5 (i think it was)to finish the journey.

    As i'll probably be doing it in a rental car, i'd like to pre plot the journey to see KM's and rough travel time.

    Any hints or tips would be more than welcome.

    Redfern, looking in your direction mate, as I know you have done similar recently.

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    I would ride
    6411 Motorbike Rides and Motorcycle Roads, Route Planner
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      Got a GPS?

      The Garim website has a good selection of custom maps you can purchase online.


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        I can vouch for the routes shown at LateralG - Southern California's premier source for sports car and motorcycle roads, tips, and info

        Call in at The Rockstore or Neptunes Net if you would like to join some other motorcycling enthusiasts. Maybe drive around The Snake and have your photo taken.


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          I would highly recommend driving the whole way up the coast, there is a reason why its considered one of the worlds greatest drives. I have done it twice now, both ways and I would do it again in a second.

          Just out of LA you have some cool towns like Santa Barbra, Pismo Beach and San luis Obispo, Definitely worth checking out to see what the whole of California beach culture is about. A bit further on you have the Sea lion beach which is full of thousands of the buggers and is really worth seeing, you can just stand there for an hour watching all the shenanigans, plus there is some cool squirrels.

          After this the the journey starts getting twistier and you start going through some nice forested areas. Then you get to the really good twisty stuff with some seriously amazing views as you get closer to SF. It really is cool.

          Cutting back to the Freeway is pointless as its pretty far and then all you will see is mass industrial farmland and nothing else. plus I think its a fair few hours to cut back across anyway.

          How long are you in the US for?

          Ultimately I would say take 2 days and experience it, but you may not have the time.

          Get hire car though and concvince them not to charge you the Intercity taxes or rates and then just enjoy the drive.

          I have a US Garmin that I have been meaning to sell its yours for $50 if you want it.

          For planning though get onto google maps and have a look at routes and stuff, if you have a google account you can save these maps as well.
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            Just to elaborate...or maybe even repeat myself.

            Wont be riding, will be driving. So going on some of the "great riding roads" really isn't as much interest tome as it should be.

            btw, thanks Tom


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              We are there for 5 weeks.

              But have to try and Fit in;

              LA, San Fran, LV, Wash DC and New York.

              I have a feeling this will be the only driving we do there...or the only "road trip"


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                It really comes down to if you are outdoorsy or city type people. Maybe youwill be bored shitless becuase you want to eat a crab at Fishermans warf much more than you want to see a sea lion . Or you prefer to hit a club on Sunset BLvd rather than see epic cliffs and shit.

                I tried telling our friends when they went that they simply had to go see the Grand Canyon while in Vegas as it is one of the single most amazing things I have seen. In the end they spent so much money buying a private booth at a club, and then where to hung over to get on the tour plane. I couldnt believe it, clubs are the same every where, but to them it was what they wanted and they didnt care about the canyon.

                If you and the Missus want to see one of the greatest drives in the world, and you love animals and outdoor stuff and you want to experience a bit of the US outside the cities then I would say do it for sure as it is amazing.
                My mum always used to say, when life hands you lemons "kill mob within spell duration with a soul gem of adequate quality for the mob's level to trap its soul"


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                  Maybe go out of LA on Mulholland Highway (not Drive) past The Rock Store and The Snake, slip across to Yerba Buena Rd and down to PCH, you'll come out just past Neptunes Net. Go up the coast road stopping in at the places Redfern mentioned as well as Morro Bay and Cayucos and then the Monterrey Bay Aquarium before SF.


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                    Vegas is a must-see zoo, if you like museums DC is also a must. At least see the Aerospace Museum. Everything in NYC is cool.


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                      The way I see it is this.

                      LA, LV, San Fran, New York and DC are big cities.

                      They are all going to be concrete jungles.

                      The grand canyon and Hoover damn are a must. The only reason we're traveling to Vegas to be completely honest. I'm not the clubbing type, and doubt we'll actually spend more than 2 or 3 nights "out on the town".

                      So as much as the natural aspect as we can see would be great. If the Mrs. had enough holidays, I'd love to take 10 weeks away from work and do a cross country west to east to experience it all.

                      Might leave the 10 weeks for Canada....

                      But yeah, the drive is certainly something I want to do, but wasnt certain if it was going to be worth while doing the whole thing. But I am pretty certain you have convinced me.


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                        The only reason we are visiting DC is the Museums and memorials. No other reason.

                        We'll be visiting most zoo's in each city I would imagine.

                        We're more going to experience the difference I suppose. I wanna see different shit.

                        I've traveled around Australia at least 4 times. Half here, half there.

                        I'm tired of seeing the same things, I want something new.


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                          LA, LV, SF, NYC and DC are all so different its like being in a different country. I go to any of them tomorrow. But I probably would only spend a night in Vegas because I'm not into gambling, clubbing or shows.


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                            I spent a day walking from the train station down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial and back up the other side checking out the Vietnam Memorial and White House. I can't remember how many museums I checked out but it was a lot. Man was I rooted when I got back on the train to Baltimore.


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                              WE have allowed for 5 days in vegas.

                              I reckon we'll cut that down for the same reasons you have mentioned.

                              Will probably end up doing Hoover/Canyon in 1 day. Do the strip in a night and then maybe get the fuck outa there.

                              Not sure. Not really got any solid plans.

                              The only accomodation I've booked is in LA from 11th Aug to 16th Aug....thats the ONLY solid plans we have. We leave on Sept 10th. So whatever we can fit in, we can fit in.