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    Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and definitely worth a look. I don't know if they have opened the bridge or if you can still drive over the dam wall. The tour of the facility is pretty cool but I suppose you can see the same thing on Youtube. Interesting story how much impact the dam had on America. The Grand Canyon is unbelievable but don't plan on going to the bottom unless you plan on spending a couple of days there (or can afford the chopper ride). Needles is a hole, you'll get stabbed if you stop there.


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      check PM's mate.


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        I think the new bridge is done. It's a nice one.

        The ride up the coast is good all the way to Canada. Pick a spot and go. Similar to the Great Ocean Road but more, bigger, louder.


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          Drive from Vegas to San Fran Via Death Valley and Yosemite (stop a couple of days in Yosemite). Take Highway 190 and 120 over Towne Pass and Tioga Pass and you will have an amazing drive and see 3 of the best places in the US.

          Be careful about timing as Tioga pass is seasonal due to the snow, we drove it on June 22 and it was only opened a week earlier.

          Or trip was LA - Vegas - San Fran - Sonoma on the east coast (and stopped in Ventura and Santa Barbara on the way back to Aus 4 weeks later)
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