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What to do between Bathurst and MotoGP

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  • What to do between Bathurst and MotoGP

    Taking the GTI for the holiday ( Yes I'm soft for not doing it on the Gixxer ) and have all intention of hitting some good roads in the days between.

    Anyway suggestions for what roads make the must do list and some other suggestions for things to see on the way down would be awesome.

    Planing on getting to the Island about 4pm Thurs arvo so 3 1/2 days to fill in. Would like to keep the driving to about 6 hours a day and avoid the main drag as much as possible.
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    Draw a lin from A to B, and there's a heap of mountains called the Australian Alps in the way. I'm sure you could find something to drive on around there
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      Originally posted by barfridge View Post
      Draw a lin from A to B, and there's a heap of mountains called the Australian Alps in the way. I'm sure you could find something to drive on around there
      Yea that was basic plan A but hope to come back with a little more than pace notes from the trip for conversation fillers!!!
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          Four words :

          The Great Ocean Road

          Make certain that you read the markers at the start of the trip, plus if you time your run right and go from Bathurst to Warrnambool at the Geelong end you can catch the Queenscliffe to Sorrento ferry (Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry : Cars • Passengers • Caravans • Motorbikes • Motorhomes) there are plenty of fun roads to bomb around on in that area too
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            Have done the Great Ocean Rd in the STi a few years ago and have to say that was a huge let down. Extremely bumpy and full of bell ends and cyclists doing 30 kp/h. Course I had just done a week in Tasmania and the run up to Falls Creek so perhaps I wasn't hungry enough to enjoy the road.
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              If you're after some carving roads, you could go via Tumbarumba to Kancoban, then take the road through the park to Thredbo and Jindabyne, some serious tyre wear to be found around that way !

              There is also a logging road. It goes between Bombala and Orbort in Vic when you're heading towards Sale from Cooma way.
              If you are not scared of a bit of a dirt section, then take this road as this is without a doubt the bendiest road I have ever ridden.
              I warn you, by the time you get halfway along it, you will be tired out from changing gears, braking and carving it up and be wishing for a straight bit so you can cruise for a bit ( I know I was).
              Do it on a Sunday like I did when the trucks arent running. I passed two cars in about 90k's of second and third gear corners.
              Take some food and a drink and have a break along the way.

              I like to travel alone, just get a map out in the hotel at night and plan my next days travel there and then depending on what I want to to, where I want to end up and what the weather is doing.

              Gt Ocean Road is cool but can be overpopulated.
              But you can;t complain too much about signs like this ...

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