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    My Solarheart hot water tank has died and needs replacing, apparently there is a leak that is shorting out the booster system and the lot (less the panels) is cactus.

    The guy who inspected it today (subby from Solarheart) did inform my beautiful wife (just in case ^_^ ) that we did not have to have a Solarheart tank.

    Question is has anyone got any recommendations re a replacement tank?

    Or good and not so good experiences with the associated companies?

    Until it is fixed it is cold showers for the family if the sun don't shine and of course you know who will wear that one!


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    So here's your chance: fuck it off entirely and get a decent gas instant unit. Do the sums and it works out cheaper or about the same overall, and you NEVER have that sad panda moment of jumping in the shower on a rainy day and getting only mildly warm water..
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      If you get another solar tank, get a booster fitted too. But the price of the booster might be about the same cost as say, a rinnai infinity system... Which would be much more reliable.
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        Or get an Infinity style system with panels and tanks as a side section. Best of both worlds.