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we must use COMIC SAAAAAANS more

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  • we must use COMIC SAAAAAANS more

    Ugly font may improve learning - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Comic Sans helps you remember what you read.

    Connor Diemand-Yauman, lead author of the study published in the journal Cognition, says the results showed Comic Sans has its advantages.

    "The study in our paper found that in a very controlled laboratory setting we could improve our subject's memory of certain facts by having them read information that was written in a font that was slightly more difficult to read," he told ABC Radio National.

    "Participants remembered the information significantly better if it was in a font that was harder to read. We were real excited by this finding."

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    One group received the list in 16-point Arial font, while the other two groups received lists printed using 12-point Comic Sans MS or 12-point Bodoni MT.
    That'll do it.


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      Damn, this thread contains actual content, so I can't just whack it

      Curse you and your informativeness lee!
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        That explains why the Chinese are so good at school. Problem solvered, everything in pictograms from now on.


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          Very interesting.

          Makes sense because the harder it is to read, the slower you read it. Also less likely to skim it.
          Its all good on Ducati's


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            テキストBarfyを変えることができる = (Japanese)
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              funny coincidence

              i used to MMPORG in the days of text, and ended up selecting comic sans after trialing many as i found it to be the best for dealing with large amounts of fast flowing text and i wasnt the only mudder using it.

              arial narrow lets you fit a lot of static text on the screen, but if the text is flowing past you have to compromise between the text density and the ability to read it. for some reason comic sans works.
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                So i have been doing it wrong
                REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
                (anarchy in english )