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  • Uncle Ho - update

    Probably nowhere else to post up so I thought I post a little propaganda update here on where I'm at for my old friends at PSB......

    I moved to Perth in 2003 and joined PSB in 2006.......... at the time I was travelling overseas pretty regularly to some pretty interesting places in the world.

    I went through some turmoil in 2008 that saw me with two separate employers and a marriage breakup (always going to happen)..... early 2009 I relocated to Laos to take up a local role providing sales and technical support in humanitarian demining, UXO clearance, countermine operations, communications and an assortment of electronics. This was a very rewarding experience and I enjoyed my time there immensely. By the way. I had been travelling to Asia for work since 1993 and so was very familiar with the region and what to expect.

    With the move overseas, I shipped my bike to Brisbane and in November 2009 rode to Adelaide with a new lady in my life and left the bike with a mate in Adelaide to look after as neither of my kids had the space or licence. That way I had access to it whenever I returned to see my kids.

    I have recently returned to Australia and after searching for the right opportunity, accepted a technical sales role with GPSat Systems Pty Ltd and am currently in the process of settling into life in Melbourne. Not the greatest city to own a bike, but I'm getting used to it.

    GPSat System is the sole regional distributor for NovAtel Inc precision GPS/GNSS Receivers and Spirent GNSS Simulation equipments. Since 1993, GPSat Systems has been delivering innovative satellite navigation equipment, system solutions and technical services to regional markets. GPSat Systems also undertakes specialised engineered turnkey projects such as our 3D-SAM (video) which enables any machine to become 3D spatially aware of all machines and surrounding environment. As each machine moves and communicates, it becomes aware of its orientation, the 3D space it occupies and the relationship/distances between its current position/orientation to the other machines and any static objects.

    current photo of my 2007 Street Bob

    the lady in my life (taken at James Bond Is - Phuket)

    UXO Sepon... this is a 3,000lb bomb that was located Dec 2010.......

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    However, FJ and Uncle Ho (MyFX) are 2 examples of people that dont fit this genre but fit into the forum well as well respected members.

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    good to see where you're at tony. and that is one big mofo bomb you're standing on.....looks like the 16inch shells fired from the old school battleships
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      Hi stranger.
      Glad you filled us in.
      Wonder where you are and how your doing sometimes.


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        good to here from you tony!

        all the best with melbourne

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          On ya champ. Good to see things working out for you.
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          I'm probably fucking something up.
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            Hi Tony!
            Glad to hear everything is going well for you, don't be a stranger, come and visit us again soon.
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              Good to hear everythings going well Tony...

              You need to come back sometime, the FNRs require a Harley again...

              No one else is mad enough to try and keep up on a piece of farm equipment...


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                Hey there! Great to hear your news, you look very happy Nice to see!


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                  Good to hear from you Tony glad everything is panning out for you, maybe we'll spotto you again sometime


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                    Good to see you've still got the old girl

                    and by that I mean the FXDB


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                      G'day Tony

                      No coincidence I'm sure that this close to Christmas we get a call from Unkie Ho Ho HO.

                      Looks like life treats you well, hope this continues.

                      Don't invite Teedo to come and stay with you.
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                        Originally posted by Captain Starfish View Post
                        Don't invite Teedo to come and stay with you.


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                          Looks like all is gong well for ya, and best wishes for the future. Sorry to hear your in melbourne
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                            Good to see ur ok, Tony, Have a safe & Happy Xmas to u & ur Family.
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