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  • jury duty question

    hi, my better half has just been called up for jury duty and we were just wondering if anyone on here can give any insight into the general course of events (like whats actually required of you etc etc) and how much they pay you for your time (need to budget things 'cause taking time off work)

    anyway thanks to anyone that can help

    (mods if not appropiate feel free to delete)
    Every one has a story.....

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    Most people I know try like hell to get out of doing it, so can not help ya


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      yeah she was going to try and get out of it but thought what the hell something different so might as well give it a bash (plus kinda hard to get out of)
      Every one has a story.....


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        they dont pay u for jury duty lol
        even tho she has been called up she might not actually get picked. depends wat the defence and prosecution choose.
        good luck to her...hopefully she doesnt get a trial that goes on for weeks!


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          it says on the summons you get paid and if it dosent cover what you lose in wages then they will cover the difference.
          Every one has a story.....


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            oh really?
            i always thought they only covered ur travel costs on the public transport.
            just read on the must have changed and u do get paid now.


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              when i had jury duty a few years back, it was my one day off from work for the week. so they were only required to reimburse me for my travel expenses ... (a 1.20$ bus ticket )
              but you can apply for lost wages..

              usual drill goes like this... you rock up at 8 and sit around in a large room with all the other possible jurors (60 or so).... several names are called out for each case, if your one of them, its time to get some instructions from the court ladies, then at around 10 the trial may start.. but there will be delays, and that’s when you get to go into the jurors room and talk shit for hours wishing you bought a bigger book.

              depending on the case, you could be out by lunch.. or doomed for a week!

              oh and they supply a light lunch, and ricky lake on tele

              i was stuck there for 3 days listening to evidence about a pint glass being rammed in someones face.


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                I had Jury duty quite a few years back...
                We all sat around for hours waiting for names to be called out, finally after 3 god damn boring days my name was called...but for a murder trial

                I didn't want to be involved in a murder trial - no way
                Those that had their name called out went in to a court room where the 2 lawyers watched you and picked through us saying yes or no...

                Luckily by the time they got to me they had already got enough for the jury so I was free to go
                That trial went for ages (a week and a half I think) so I was so glad I was not chosen..

                They did give you travel expenses but that was stuff all, and I am pretty sure they paid my work for the time I was absent or my work had to claim for it... either way I still got paid

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                  its your duty for society SO DO IT

                  it sucks
                  you get relatively no money
                  it sometimes waists ya time
                  very hard to get out of

                  like nike

                  just do it

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                  go on you know ya wanna try one!


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                    I&#39;ve done a 5 day jury duty stint - didn&#39;t want to do it to start off with but it turned out to be a really interesting fraud case.


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                      I&#39;ve done a 5 day jury duty stint - didn&#39;t want to do it to start off with but it turned out to be a really interesting fraud case.
                      are you sure you weren&#39;t in the dock miss B?
                      Sincerity is the key to success if you can fake that you&#39;ve got it made.


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                        Siii!! How can you say that?!?! I&#39;m a good girl


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                          Siii!! How can you say that?!?! I&#39;m a good girl
                          ...and when was that, exactly?

                          BTW...we still on for a much belated,prolonged, overdue run in the country (April)? Methinks that I will be the only active FJ&#39;er for that one <<sniff>>, as Murray will be clocking up the &#39;k&#39;s over east <<sniff, sniff>>

                          Originally posted by Viper
                          I'm probably fucking something up.
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                            Oh yeah ... I better get my act together, hadn&#39;t I? I&#39;ll email you details in the next couple of weeks, Steve.


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                              and if shes casual tell her not to expect any money
                              i didnt even get my travel expenses reimbursed.

                              8am sign in and wait for the rollcall

                              if your called up your taken to the court room

                              if your not called up you sit there until about 11 then you can go home (you do this everyday until thursday, if your not called by thursday then youve done your duty)

                              if you are called you wait in the court room and they call another list of ppl...(they usually pick 3 times more jurors than they need) the lawyers then pick who they do and dont want as ppl are called up.

                              if your not called up then i think your done and you get to go home. (otherwise you may have to go back to the main group again and possibly get called for another case...not too sure)

                              if your called and get onto jury then you sit there all day listening to the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again then you deliberate (you stay there til a decision is made) and this process may go on for anywhere between 1 day and well ages

                              on the upside though the lunches are pretty nice and theres lots of tea n coffee n biscuits when your not in the actual courtroom

                              sounds crap and it pretty much is but its a good experience

                              (there was one guy on our jury who was about 25 and hed been called up 3 times)