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    looking at purchasing a new dual cab in the next few months or so and getting a trayback put on the back in place of the wellbody. just wondering what the real differences between the ally and the steel trays are and which companies people would recommend for producing a quality tray

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    I think you've mistaken us with the forum..


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      aluminium is 1/3 the weight but 1/2 the strength of steel, so you end up with a product twice as thick but only 2/3 the weight for equivalent strength.

      Aluminium is softer so will scratch or gouge more easily, if bent has a higher risk of cracking when you try to straighten it and any metal fatigue cracks or other welding repairs require more specialised welding than steel, you don't have to paint it and it won't rust but if you want it looking shiny and new it will require maintenance with either acid cleaning or abrasive polishing.

      Steel is heavier but tougher, paint is easy to keep clean or touch up and easily repaired or parts welded or bolted onto out if you want to modify it.

      Pick a manufacturer....

      There are local companies that will custom make either, otherwise go check out a few of the same model around town with trays you like and find the branding on them, if all else fails a dealership for the car will have contacts that they order through for new vehicles with optioned trays.
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        looking at prob getting a new bt50. the one i want comes standard with the wellbody and mazda seem a little overpriced on all accessories so seeing what other options are out there and if anyone has had good or bad experiences with particular brands of trays


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          Rosco's and TL engineering are pretty popular up north although I'm not sure if that makes them cheap or good. Have a GT Aluminium on a bunky old ute I'm very slowly fixing up seems well put together (somewhat ironically it's steel). Often the OEM ones are supplied by a local contractor and you pay an extraordinary amount of money to have the brand name of the vehcile painted on them.
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