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Photographer's copyright in the UK/global

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  • Photographer's copyright in the UK/global

    Proposed UK copyright changes spark worldwide protests - British Journal of Photography

    As a professional photographer, this is concerning.

    That's right kids- All those photos on facebook, flickr, tumbler, etc etc etc where you may not have imbedded the metadata or clearly state the copyright owner, or if that owner cannot be found (no contact detail) ARE FREE FOR THE TAKING if these laws pass.

    What a bunch of douches.

    It seems that over the past five years, there has been a concerted effort by government and big business to remove all protections for individual work. To put the onus onto the artist themselves to prove and show the work as theirs, instead of business having the onus of doing what's right and moral, which would be simply to not use 'orphan' images at all. It's not your picture, you fucks. If you don't know whose picture it is and you want to use it on your billion dollar ad campaign, then tough shit. Go PAY a photographer to create it again, you cheapskate bastards.

    This pisses me off. Luckily I work for a company that clearly states the copyright owner/artist/contact details on every single piece of publication.
    My personal work I completely removed from the internet years ago. People simply don't care if someone owns something. It's bullshit and I'm tired of it.


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    I am much more careful with hand outs for training. My works been ripped off by others on big mining incomes who don't care the developer goes without.