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  • Poker table project

    OK, I have discovered poker for the first time after being introduced to it by the missus (bless 'er 'eart).

    I'm building a table for her and I've sourced this table from Gumtree for $30

    The concept is to end up with a table that looks much like this:

    The table I've got is rubberwood from Malaysia, but I'm wanting to stain the exposed timber darker to a mahogany colour (rubberwood sands back to a pine like colour). That's not the problem here.

    What I'm wanting is a finish that is super hard, super shiny and ultra waterproof.

    Ideally I want it to have the same hard wearing finish that a pub's bar would have.

    Just like this except mine will be ultra-smooth... Hopefully...

    What do they use? Is it some kind of gel coat or even a resin of sorts?

    I'll keep the thread loaded with progress pics and once its finished I'll probably need to christen it with a piss-up and poker party!


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    Or you could scrap that idea and buy mine instead! :-)


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      Sorry [MENTION=17074]scotch[/MENTION]! I'm wanting a project. Out of interest, is yours a DIY jobbie? Show us some pics and give us a price. There's all sorts of people at the APL events looking for a table
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        Most of the diy jobs just use ply wood. There are lots of articles on google about it. When you buy cloth, use speed cloth as the cards slide across it better and the good stuff does not absorb liquid.
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          Here is my build. Was good fun and very rewarding. Still getting plenty of compliments on the table after a year :-)


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            [MENTION=17074]scotch[/MENTION] your rail looks awesome mate. what thickness foam did you use and how much do you reckon you spent?
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              The foam is an inch thick. I used a high Density yoga mat and cut it up. Glued it down to the plywood and just trimmed it off straight. That's what will give you that flat looking inside edge. Just leave some foam hanging off the back so that when you wrap the vinyl over it, it pulls down and around and won't leave you with a hard edge on the outside.

              Cost wise, I think I spent about $550 all up. I went for some expensive bits and pieces that I didn't need but wanted. The brass cup holders were $120 alone. The speed cloth was $110 delivered from the states. Plywood was about $130 for two sheets of 18mm. So there is half my costs there.


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                For the finish, you can go one of two ways really, a two part epoxy that you mix then pour on, then let settle, then you try and blow all the bubbles out before it sets, and if you don't, sand it all back and start again, oh, and did I mention that it's not cheap!

                Or, and this is what I do if I want a super hard finish on a piece of furniture, coffee table that I want to put my feet on etc. Start with normal estapol, gloss works best I have found. Put a decent couple of coats of that on, just estapol, let it harden for a day or so, then start the mixing, well, kind of, I just cheat. Have another pot of turps nearby, soak the brush in turps, wipe off some excess, not all of it, then start on the estapol again.

                I find by the time I am done doing one coat, it's dry enough to start at the beginning again, just keep that brush soaked in turps and you're good to go. Your estapol becomes thinner as well, so you keep putting on progressively thinner coats, dining table size I can do about 20 coats in 2 or 3 hours, sets quite thick, is insanely strong against most objects, but it will chip if a 2 year old whacks it with a vacuum cleaner nozzle as I found out.

                Might be worth a try if you're on a budget?


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                  I would have thought a polyurethane coating would be ideal for this?
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                    How much are you looking to get for it scotch?


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                      Keen to join/host poker nights. Dont have a table yet, another project throughly thought through without any action.


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                        Originally posted by Barfridge View Post
                        I would have thought a polyurethane coating would be ideal for this?
                        What do you think? will it be super high gloss straight out of the can or is it a application technique thing (i.e millions of coats rubbed back with the sweat from nubile virgin bosoms)?
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                          I have mucked around before with putting a table together last month as a bit of a fool-around. Turned out like this.

                          The timber racetrack is floating floorboards nailed to the surface from bunnings and the actual table is an extending table from the good sammy's. I'm unhappy as it only sits 6 comfortably and the immense weight that the boards adds is just too great.

                          Its only got thin dining table legs which I'm not too keen on. And the finish just isn't quite shiny enough for me...

                          Now armed with the polyurethane or estapol and turps method (cheers [MENTION=5329]Barfridge[/MENTION] and [MENTION=5405]mattski0_0[/MENTION]) I'm going to go and test some patches on the underside of my table and see which I like the look of.
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                            Here's some progress pics:

                            Took the legs off:

                            Flipped it over and started to disassemble the trim pieces underneath. Plan is to wrap the trim in black vinyl and stud it with brass tacks. The upright blocks will get sanded back and stained and coated like the tabletop.

                            Everything is off the table ready to be sanded/ varnished/ upholstered.

                            Table top edge all sanded back to bare timber with 80 grit paper. I'll sand it back to 220 Grit at least. The flat surface I'll hit with the belt sander and finishing sander.

                            And that's where I'm at currently!
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                              Any progress pics [MENTION=28426]j-mac[/MENTION] ?