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  • Poetic justice

    you know how when your riding/driving along and you see some tool driving like a class A dick and you say to yourself "where's the f*#king cops when you need them"...well today that very thing happened to me, I was cruising down Marshal rd from Lord st end then onto Beechboro rd to Gnangare/Ocean Reef rd and I spy car up in front of me overtaking and gaining a couple of slots and having a few close calls from oncoming traffic as it was approx 3:30 pm. Needless to say I somehow manage to end up right behind this individual at the Beechboro lights and note that it's a chick with male passenger and two kids in the back one of which is in a kiddies seat....WTF is what comes to my mind, anyway onto Beechboro we go and its more erratic driving with lots of brake light action and looking for a way to overtake and not finding a good enough gap, same onto Gnangara/Ocean reef rd, right up the ass of the car in front and plenty of brake light action again, then as we are almost at the point where it opens up to dual carriage way our crazy bitch driver swerves over the double white lines and chops up the car in front to gain 1 whole car place and then the car that is now in front flicks on the lights and pulls the mad cow over.
    To say I was plenty pleased is an understatement to say the least and thought I would share the great piece of Karma
    living the dream

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    Great story. Sounds like she was a complete arse and she's got kids in the car. Probably her own. Makes you wonder what was so important that she was running late for to take such risks with her little kiddies in the back.
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