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    Was chatting the other night about stupid TV commercials when the new AAMI one was mentioned. You may recall how smooth-talking Katoot was trying hard to get a root from hot looking Rhonda on a Bali beach (?), well it now seems that she relented and got lucky. So.....does that now encourage other single (assuming she was) Aussie woman to venture alone to Bali? Does it suggest all women going there are labelled like all men who go to Thailand.....after just one thing???
    I don't really have strong views on that but what shits me, a little, is that stupid looking receptionist at the end of the AAMI ad, who simply twists and smiles. WTF is that about and is she just happy to simply be on TV?
    It was suggested that Rhonda may be back in a third ad, this time advertising health insurance for her and her holiday baby. Stay tuned.
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    anyone notice when was when she was remeniscing about Ketut she gets rear ended ??

    co-incedence or symbolic i wonder
    I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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      Have you noticed how much weight she lost while she was away ?? Her and Ketut must have been going at it day and night for weeks..... :o


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        "Always look at where you want to go, never at where you are afraid to go" - My riding instructor


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          Why does she say 'Kiss me on the foot" I don't get it!
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            People still watch adverts?