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New vs refurb: What would you choose?

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  • New vs refurb: What would you choose?

    I'm looking at a bluray and sound system for the house. We're not huge sound/picture buffs so a comprehensive (read expensive) system isn't necessary, but I would like a bluray player and speaker package. I have found a bluray and speaker package for a decent price from good guys, (SONY 3D BLURAY HTIB 1000W SAT), and shopping around online for a comparative price I find the same system from Grays Online for more than $100 cheaper.

    Now the Grays offer is a refurb model. I read a bit about what this means, see the quality control they advertise about their products but still the word 'refurbishment' is one I find myself being cautious around.

    So I ask you, have you bought from Grays before and what was your experience with them? Are they fair reputable? Is a refurb model of something just as good as new? Would you purchase refurb over new for a considerable savings or would you avoid the refurb and go the new product?

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    Does their website say what constitutes a 'refurb'?
    Knob broken on delivery - returned and replaced...
    Mesh on speaker ripped and replaced...
    Housing scratched and replaced...

    If you can look past the fact that it's a tiny bit pre-loved, if the same warranty applies, and it is a bit cheaper, it sounds like it might be a good way to go.


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      refurbs are sometimes warranty returns too.....

      if they couldn't get it right the first time they might get it right the second time, it's the apple business model.
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