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  • Apologies from QuietLil

    Hello my friendly orphans 'n such. This year I find my health does not allow me to do our usual "Orphans christmas"

    However we will be here on Boxing day, with leftovers 'n anything you bring to contribute. Hopefully the pool will be up & there will be goodies & games galore. Please don't be alone
    , Come share left overs, laughter & time with friends. I look forward to welcoming you to my home, 'n sharing this wonderous time of year.

    Warmest hugs to all. love from Q.L.
    "Son, could you please remove my MAD sig?"

    Sure mum, here you go....

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    Every year you do such a wonderful job of the orphan's christmas so I think it is only fitting that you take one well deserved break from it.

    Hopefully next year
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      The people that matter don't mind, and the ones that mind don't matter.

      See you on boxing day
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        I still find it remarkable that after a stroke that nearly killed you, took your licence, a great chunk of your freedom and got you declared legally blind that you would want to chuck a two day party for those in need.

        You are an amazing woman.

        I'll be there both days, eating, drinking and laughing as I have done all my life.

        The rest of you I look forward to catching up with if you make it through.

        The quiet lil old lady is back to her raucous best.


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          I have never been to a PSB event, or ride. I don't have a bike anymore. I don't live in Perth anymore.

          This thread makes me regret not getting involved. Lil sounds like an amazing old duck