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Market Value of 250's 2013

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  • Market Value of 250's 2013

    I'm wondering currently what the market of current 250's ninjas, hyos and the like will be worth next year given LAMS will take effect. What do you think will happen? Will the market be flooded with 250 type bikes with everyone going for 250+? Will it change? Will it stay the same?
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    Advanced Search - Perth Street Bikes

    its all there.


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      Never enough Lambs threads.


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        They'll go down heaps I reckon, depends on preferences, if people want a sportsbike they can't exactly get a 600cc sports they'd have to stick with a 250 bike or the newer 300 ninja unless others are released or within LAMS specs.
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          I doubt it will change much to be honest.

          Plenty of noobs want a bike that looks like a sports bike (i.e., with fairings).

          None of the larger LAMS bikes look like that (well, sure the 300 ninja, but that will be brand new and $$$), or are particularly fast anyway.

          I mean sure, there's the motard route, but i would wager that most new riders probably don't even know what a motard is.
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            As of June 30, 2011, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R was Australia’s best-selling road bike, with 1093 examples sold over the first half of the year. However, the new Honda CBR250R is nipping at its heels, with 889 examples sold, even though it didn’t go on sale until early April. The Hyosung GT250R is the third-best-selling 250, but trailing some distance behind the other two, with 190 units sold by mid-year.


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              I don't currently own a 250, I'm not a learner or restricted licence holder and I don't have an opinion.

              I could have started a thread to say that but people don't like stupid threads.

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