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Royal prank call

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  • Royal prank call

    I'm not sure if you guys have heard it, but pretty standard fare to be honest, I'm amazed they got through.

    And allegedly she has blamed the two DJs for her death. Seriously, what a fucking cunt.

    Tragic suicide note to DJs written by nurse after royal hoax call: I hold you responsible | Mail Online

    I'm sorry, but if you go and top yourself over something like this, it was more "the straw that broke the camel's back" than the root cause.

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    The camel's back for me, but the big wigs as usual have a lot more to answer than any one else. They are getting out of this scott free.


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      Totally agree.. I can't help but feel it was also one of the 'go out with a bang' attention grabs. Tragic though.


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        The nurse messed up royally and she knew it.
        My only sympathy goes to the radio hosts, too many people trying to blame them, Jacintha included.


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          I still think the Royals arranged it...


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            Originally posted by out_in_front View Post
            I still think the Royals arranged it...
            I was surfing a few links today and one conspiracy website is saying that :what:
            You put the c*nt in country run


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              Those mindless breakfast shows with their prank calls shit me beyond tears. Give me News Radio any day. Having said that, the silly pommie nurse was going to kill herself within the next few days regardless of what some FM tools in Australia said.


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                i've been waiting for someone pretending to be Barack Obama to call a hospital to see how someone is after the Connecticut shooting, no balls i tell ya.
                Do you remember the good old days before the internet?

                when arguments were only entered into by the physically or intellectually able.


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                  What we need to do is get a different radio station to ring up southern cross radio with a new prank call. Maybe pretend you were from the Feds and pretend there was a second suicide that had not been made public yet, etc.

                  Payback can be a bitch.
                  Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.


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                    Personally I find prank calls puerile at best and most FM stations cater to the lowest common denominator for advertising revenue.
                    ie, the gullible who might actually listen to the ads spoken in some deep throated voice which somehow adds credence to a crap product.
                    No doubt the lady had other issues which tipped her over the edge.

                    I hope the morons who come up with this shit have a good look at the potential harm they may cause to their victims.

                    If you haven't noticed, suicide is on the increase and internet chat sites have a lot more to answer for than inane radio stations.


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                      Not often I agree with Desmo.


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                        Have cut up hundreds of 'gotchya calls'.

                        Approval was sought on every one. No approval, no broadcast.

                        Approval was not given for this call, Austereo broke their own rules.

                        Where is the person that approved the call?

                        He/she is letting the jocks take the rap.
                        Whatcha gonna do? Rap is not afraid of you
                        Beat is for Sonny Bono, beat is for Yoko Ono


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                          Just listened to the 'call' for the first time.
                          If that is the best they can do in the name of comedic entertainment, then God help our future generations.

                          Makes Benny Hill look like a comedian.

                          Storm in a Jubilee commemorative teacup.


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                            If the British media had left this nurse alone, she might still be alive. Instead they hound her so every knows who she is, then she tops herself.
                            British media then shift the blame to the DJ's.

                            She had problems well before the phone call for sure. Loveless arranged marriage could be just as much to blame....who knows.


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                              so... i was listening to the show when it was broadcast, and it was funny. had my little giggle and went on my way. what the nurse did after that call was her own decision. maybe it was outside perssure or shame but i think it was an over reaction from her and the media equally after, FFS can,t any one take a joke anymore.