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  • Suspicious Car Servicing

    Not so much bike related but thought I would put this out there before anything happens to anyone on here or to their family and friends.

    On Friday night I was at Osborne Park shops when I noticed a gentleman going up to people in the car park asking if they needed their car serviced in the same manner as people approach you to have your windows washed. It seemed a bit odd. "Keith" came up to my wife and I and said something like "Hi I Keith from (somewhere) would you like your car serviced?" He was dressed in a blue uniform with some letters on it and wore a badge with his photo on it. All seemed very dodgy and like a set up for a con. I told him no and walked off.

    Then yesterday the same gentleman walking into the business where I work in North Perth and asked the same thing! I said no, not interested, he then harrassed a customer to have her car serviced as she made her way out the door.

    My gut feeling is that this is some sort of a scam. Won't be long before he makes the news.

    I have a feeling once he is in possession of you car keys, his "team" will come and take off with your car. Or he does an extremely lousy service and runs off with your money. The whole thing screams of SCAM!!!

    This guy is definitely up to something, shonky as, wish I got more details.
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    of course, he could just be out there seeking business for his workshop.


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      FYI: 'suspicious' is the correct spelling. Just saying.


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        I used to own my own workshop and have run many more.
        Cold calls are all part of marketing your business.


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          I had a guy approach me a few years ago in the Bunnings carpark in Balcatta.
          He was trying to drum up some business for his new workshop over the road.
          If i didn't already have a great mechanic i probably would have given them a go.

          Maybe legit-did you find out which business he was promoting?
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            Nah I wished I remembered, he'll probably be on today tonight soon enough.

            I've got a faily good bullshit metre as I have met plenty of shonks in the past. My gut feel says he was up to no good. In all fairness he might be ligit but the manner in which he was approaching people and putting the hard sell on them under pressure in public car parks suggests to me otherwise.

            Time will tell. If I see him again i'll make sure I get more info and ask for a business card.
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              Originally posted by scotch View Post
              FYI: 'suspicious' is the correct spelling. Just saying.
              It was giving me an eye twitch..


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                Next time ask for their MTA Certificate number, and to tour their premises before you committ to anything.
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                  I had a guy try to give me the same pitch at the Dan Murphys carpark in Balga.
                  Didn't seem dodgy, just seemed like the guy had started a business and was trying to get new customers.


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                    I wouldn't be comfortable giving my car to anyone like that.


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                      I have been using K-Mart tyre and Auto for the Forester, they seem to be great so far. Agreed price upfont. No extra selling when you pick your car up.

                      There is always these things to watch out for. Some fellow staff members have been ripped of big time by the dealers. I refuse to ever take my car to one.

                      Car repair scams - mechanics and car servicing centres - CHOICE
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                        i've always thought K-Mart Auto were pretty good.

                        I think we the consumers need to take more control and learn a bit more about our own cars rather than just hand them over to the mechanic and believe what ever he tells you. Companies will prey on the ill informed. The financial industry are experts at it.

                        I recently bought software called Touchscan that costs about $30 to download and the OBDII interface and usb cable for about $10 off ebay out of Hong Kong. All cars after 1996 are OBDII compliant and have the 16 pin socket usually under the dash on the drivers side. You just load the software onto your laptop/notebook and plug in the 16 pin plug and the other end into a USB socket. OBD means On Board Diagnostics.

                        This is really great as it shows you any error codes and you know what issues you have. This is what the auto service companies do anyway. The other good thing about it is it has data logging so you can select a whole bunch of sensors to read and push the record button and drive the car for while and it logs a reading several times a second and you then stop recording and it saves into a csv file. You can then open that in Excel and analyse the data. the other day I logged fuel rail pressure,RPM,Speed,boost and plotted some pretty impressive graphs.

                        It's pretty easy to find what the error codes are as some are generic and some are manufacturer specific. you can do a google search and download the codes for future reference.
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                          The problem is knowing what your looking at and why you have a particular issue, some times it's not that straight forward. It's a good guide but don't trust it 100% - ie, "it said my wheel speed sensor is faulty but some jerk wants to charge me $$ for some module thing and 4hrs labour". So it's good if your a tech wiz and have a good idea on what's going on, but keep in mind that they are a tool and not gospel. Have fun having a play though, I personally enjoy getting in to the onboards and controllers.

                          To op: As for carpark sales, go have a look at his setup and report back. Pics get bonus points


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                            Originally posted by BlackFZR View Post
                            Next time ask for their MTA Certificate number, and to tour their premises before you committ to anything.
                            MTA is a protection authority for the repairers or dealers ( read union). Not a Regulatory authority
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                              Service centres have to put their MTA number on all advertisinging material they produce don't they?

                              Same as if they are an MTA member it has to be on their street signage.
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