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The end of Bali as a tourist destination?

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    Originally posted by filbert View Post
    If it's not industrialised and turning a profit for corporate fatcats in the US then it gets labelled developing or third world, a country can't just be a country with it's own culture and way of doing things it must be assimilated.

    As far a rubbish on the streets I'd hazard a guess most of it is deposited by westerners.

    Left to do things their own way the Indonesian people are entirely capable of sustaining their own population and way of life, they only fall short through trying to please a tourist market they lack infrastructure to support.
    +1 I gotta admit until I went there 2 years ago I always imagined Bali to be a rat infested shit hole like you see some of the places like Vietnam etc in the movies but I was pleasantly surprised as to how it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought :o Yes it is behind Australia in terms of infrastructure like roads etc but I was amazed at how the Balinese took care of themselves and their shops etc considering their lack of income etc It certainly wasn't as backward as I'd expected and the people are for the most part wonderful and friendly

    It wouldn't surprise me if most of the rubbish was from tourists as we still get rubbish left on our streets and we aren't "3rd world" It really made me think about how well they do over there with so little compared to certain sections of our community that are given so much but decide to live in 3rd world conditions and trash their housing

    Would I like to live there permanently? No! But I do enjoy going there on holiday and supporting their economy and helping to improve their standard of living

    Hell I'd rather walk through most of Kuta etc at night than Northbridge or The Cross :o
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    Originally posted by Phildo
    Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
    Originally posted by filbert
    i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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