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  • Find my phone app..

    What can I say, flew in from work this evening and began the ride from airport to Mandurah...purchased myself an iPhone mount and hard case from HH a few weeks back and needless to say its a great piece of gear, well it was...I go Tonkin, Roe, kwinana on my journey and as I get to Nicholson Rd turn off on the Roe I look down to find my case, with phone no longer in place on the mount...yes, wife told me there was a lanyard for a reason but who listens to the wife....anyway I ride back to the international airport, park bike, ring Missus from pay phone, "no I'm not crashed on the side of the road" phone has fallen off the bike,(She likes to use the app to check the bike is still moving) "told you so" comes the response(what I needed to hear really)...where's my phone?..."before leach hwy bout 500 meters" she tells I head off to the the general location of the phone, I have no luck cutting laps in the emergency lane,and its getting dark, so I throw in the towel and head to Mandurah..on my arrival I check wifes phone and it shows my phone as actually being past leach hwy..thank god for navman she was never good with a I pile the wife and daughter in the car and head back to leach/Tonkin intersection in search of the phone...well it's found...the front of the hard case is about 50 meters from the phone smashed, the rear of the case is nowhere to be found and here is my phone on the median strip face down next the the rubber inner of the case...not a scratch on knows...but thank fuck for the find my phone app and the hard case from HH..of which i now need a new one...

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    Originally posted by MJP View Post
    (She likes to use the app to check the bike is still moving)

    Yeeeeheeeaaahh sure.

    That's pretty damn lucky though..