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  • Insomniacs

    Hi All,

    This may sound a little strange, but who else is awake at this god-for-saken time of night?

    I have somehow managed to become quite the insomniac lately, I have only had about 4 hours sleep in the last 3 days, and not sure why.

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    Re: Insomniacs

    *raises hand* cept I'm working.
    I bought some melatonin from the US to help with shift changeover and insomnia. Worked awesome.


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      sorry to hear that your stuck behind the desk because you have to.


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        working, well awake and ready to work but not needed so just waiting which is more tiring that working.

        but bkm, you need to sort out the insomnia before it begins to mess with you too badly. most importantly don't ride tired!


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          It has only been this week that i have not been sleeping. Before the Christmas break i had no issues, was getting 7-8 hours a night.

          Apart from actually going to work, i haven't changed any of my usual routine. Every morning i go for a 3k run, and being home with a 3 year old, she keeps me on my toes throughout the day.

          This week however, slowly buy surely, the sleep hours are reducing. Last night i had 2 hours sleep, today about a 30 minute nanna nap.

          I only have coffee in the morning, and another around 10-10:30, but that never changed from the regular working days, so i dont think its the caffeine keeping me awake.


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            Once you get back in here to work you'll start to sleep again.


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              I've been on nightshift for the last few years, so I'm almost always awake until 6am, and then sleep during the day.

              Did have a problem not to long ago though where if I did go to sleep anytime before 4am though, I'd be awake at 6am and not be able to fall asleep.


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                when i first started shift work i had heaps of trouble sleeping, after a few weeks of tamazepam to help me sleep i was fine, it could also have something to do with how warm it is at night atm. try and sleep in a cool place and switch off.
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                  I'm regularly awake at around 1:30-2am weeknights.

                  Haven't been able to sleep lately, too much shit going on in my life at the moment.

                  Averaging 5-6 hours per night.
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                    Re: Insomniacs

                    Seriously mfers, get yourselves some melatonin. No the homeopathic shite they sell here with the crystals and merkins.
                    Get it from the US. Don't worry its not illegal and costs about 6 bux Australian (10 for postage).
                    Dose about 1 - 3 mgs about an hour before bed.
                    Only side effect is the very few may be a bit cloudy on waking and vivid dreaming.