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  • tricks of the trade

    would like to know whats the best way to cut cement fibre fencing sheets please

    the big corrugated ones


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    I didnt think they cut it, isn't there a special tool that 'snaps' it?



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      its a special scoring knife you can get form bunnings, either that or a grinder works just as well if you have one
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        i was thinking of using a circular saw with a fine tooth blade

        i assume there would be plenty of dust though


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          tricks of the trade

          Yea plenty of dust, use a fine dust mask. Asbestos was safe until they worked out it would fuck you up, who knows what fibro cement will cause in years to come.
          I would try and use something that moves slower so you get less dust, like a recipro saw or jigsaw if its long enough. Or even a hand saw depending how much you have to cut
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            One of these or a angle grinder with a diamond blade.


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              angle grinder with diamond blade for masonry and wet the sheet to keep the dust down
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                Bloke who installed my new fence just slapped the sheets in the ground then cut the top straight with a circular saw.