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    You can get some pretty fancy smokers, or you can make your own out of a 44 gallon drum which is pretty straightforward. However, I've been using my standard 4 burner to good effect to make pulled pork.

    ~3Kg Pork shoulder (preferably bone in)

    Dry Rub:
    2 Tbl brown sugar
    2 tsp salt
    2 tsp garlic salt
    1/2 tbl paprika
    1 tsp chilli powder
    1/2 tsp cumin, oregano, black pepper

    Mix together and rub into the pork. Leave it to marinate for 12 hours covered in the fridge

    Vinegar Mop:
    2 cups apple cider vinegar
    2 slices lemon
    1 tbl chilli powder (or flakes)
    1/2 tbl salt

    Mix all together at the same time you make the run and let it marinate in fridge overnight

    In the BBQ, remove the plate and leave the grill, put the pork onto the grill. Fill an aluminium tray with water and place in the BBQ. I have a little metal smoker box I fill with apple hickory woodchips you can get from Bunnings. I soak mine overnight as the metal smoker heats up real quick. Put the smoker box on the burner furthest from the meat and light it on low. Close the lid.

    I cook mine for 10-12 hours depending on the size of the shoulder. About half way through I start basting with the mop every hour or so. Internal BBQ temp you should aim for ~120C. Pork will be done when the internal temp of the meat is 88C. Keep refilling the water tray as it helps keep the heat down and add woodchips every so often to smoke the meat.

    You should be able to tear the meat apart it will be so tender with a couple forks. I like to serve mine with pickled red onions, BBQ sauce and slaw on soft bread rolls...yum!!


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      Originally posted by agrid View Post
      I've just discovered these... I'm buying one.
      They have one with wifi, that's brilliant
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        A quick party favorite! Grab some potatoes and chop into rough cubes. Chuck em into a bowl and coat with olive oil and garlic salt. Pop em into the microwave for ~5 mins to soften then fry them off on a really hit plate until they cook through!


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          Well I'm just a little excited. I'll work through these...



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            Haloumi cheese, take a block of haloumi cheese cook both sides to a light brown remove cut into cubes then serve, simply the best way to eat haloumi cheese.


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              Hang on, I have to light the bbq. Ok, all good, I just had to switch windows on my phone.


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                Originally posted by agrid View Post
                Well I'm just a little excited. I'll work through these...

                I am ridiculously jealous. I got told about GMG a year and a half ago as a half price alternative to Traeger. I have much want. Not having to check the fire every 30-60 minutes on a 14 hour brisket cook is the stuff of dreams.
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                  It stays within one degree of the set temperature, as far as I can tell the heat is even. It is so easy to use its like cheating. We had nothing to eat the other day so I put thick slices of cheddar cheese on bread in it at about 200F and it game out like the most expensive smoked cheese on toast. I think the other thing is that rubs on meat stay on the meat stay there because of the convection cooking. Thick steaks, fantastic. Kebabs, fantastic. Roast vegetables, fantastic. Chicken breasts, fantastic. Salmon fantastic. Pizza, not so much. I'm ready to try a brisket or roast lamb or tri tip if I can find a butcher who knows the cut.


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                    Originally posted by agrid View Post
                    ... Pizza, not so much. I'm ready to try a brisket or roast lamb or tri tip if I can find a butcher who knows the cut.
                    They don't get high enough temps for decent pizza.

                    Had a particular BBQ success in the kamado tonight. Spatchcocked a free-range chook, sliced into the thighs and breasts tandoori-style, and made a marinade of Moroccan spices, garlic, and yoghurt. High rack over open charcoal for the first half of cooking along with some sweet-potato - then put a plate under the rack for indirect for the rest of the time until the remote thermometer went off. Took it off to rest and opened the vent to crank heat up to "11" (highest I have had it is about 450C) and rolled some corn cobs around until they blackened slightly - perfick


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                      The Green Mountain Grill Davy Crocket goes to 550 F. My Bakerstone pizza oven bbq box on a three burner bbq goes to 750 F. The latter does very good pizza.


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                        Four green crays halved lengthwise, head washed out
                        Ten Kaffir Lime leaves, 1 long chili, four garlic cloves,( or 3 teaspons minced bottled garlic) 250 gms butter. Blend up finely cut leaves, roughly chopped chili and garlic in blender, add butter and blend again. Drop crays flesh side down briefly on hot plate, then turn over and baste flesh with butter mix, put hood over barbie and leave to cook. Serve with kaffir lime wedges.
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                          Originally posted by Skut View Post
                          Spatchcocked a free-range chook, sliced into the thighs and breasts tandoori-style
                          That's the secret if you want to char-grill chicken without the centre being raw. Found a video explaining the correct cuts the other day (bonus Tandoori recipe):

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