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China's Ghost Cities

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  • China's Ghost Cities

    pretty amazing!

    60 Minutes' China's Ghost Cities - Business Insider

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    have seen this before and its pretty crazy! and would be freaky at night..


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      I bought an ex display home and was living in it for quite a few months when most of them in the street were still on display and the couple of others sold weren't yet occupied - they were all lit up at night, curtains open, full of furniture and it was brilliant!

      Living in a city which is completely empty might be a bit blah but would still be a great experience.
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        I was in Zhengzhou (pronounced jung joe) about 10 years ago, the changes are incredible. The University faculty staff I was with were excited because their professor was the first one to buy a car.

        Pretty amazing listening to and American worrying about someone else's debt crisis.