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    Ok I seen bad kitty's post about getting in on the act only I didn't want to steal her thread so here are a few photo's I took with my crappy Kodak camera.

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    It&#39;s about the birds and the bee&#39;s. Cute.

    Does anybody have a good bee photo?

    I have become a bit fastinated by bees since one flew into my helmet, bounced off my sunglasses and stung my nose proving beyond doubt i am allergic to them.
    Something so small able to kill something so big as a last ditched "Fcuk you Buddy", thats power....


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      What sort of crappy kodak do you have Dragon_05? Cos it takes pretty good pics from where Im sitting, really like the swan one and the 2nd of the Coot pics
      the universe is hostile


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        My camera is a Kodak Z740


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          I LOVE the last one!!! They&#39;re great shots mate...very impressive! Now to go find me some birds....

          Feel free to hijack my thread....anyone else hear competition?


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            Yeah, nice colour for a crappy kodak.

            Bit soft, but they look nice.
            I can't think what more you could possibly need to know... except maybe this:


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              Good work with the swan in the first pic
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                hehe if you two are going to compete ill be the novice that will tag along ;}

                plus its my day off tomorrow so it give me something to do

                also pritty damn nice considering those are taken with your kodak dragon....


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                  Nice pics!

                  Ducks eh?
                  All these were taken on a Kodak DC280 2mp 2x optical zoom. Its done about 5 years service now.

                  Vancouver 2004

                  Is this picture upside down?

                  Funniest looking duck I saw:

                  EnZed 04

                  Unfortunately, my best duck shots were on film using my 270mm lens SLR, dont have a scanner


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                    Here&#39;s a couple more that I took in sepia colour not animal.
                    These 2 pics were taken very early in the morning the sun was just comming up over the hills behind me
                    so they are a bit dark and shaded.

                    I guess it does the job for me at the moment the above pics were taken not far from my house apart form
                    the bee and the train tracks they were taken else where.


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                      Cool pics everyone! Heres a couple of mine to look at........




                      ok, how do you get those decent sized pics in the post rather than the little thumbnails that I keep producing?


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                        no birds, but ive got scenery...

                        Full Album


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                          Damn you guys are good!!!!

                          Daxx- If you use photobucket you can link the images straight to here.... that way they come straight the bird by the way.


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                            Daxx- If you use photobucket you can link the images straight to here.... that way they come straight the bird by the way.
                            or use some other form of webhosting

                            then simply take the URL of the photo, click handy dandy "Insert Image" button while you are posting and paste in the URL.

                            Bobs your uncle mate!


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                              or use some other form of webhosting

                              You mean there is another webhost besides Photobucket... OMG!

                              Good stuff there Pkunk......and I thought Bob was your uncle?