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9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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  • 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

    I love a good conspiracy theory, but id like to consider myself educated enough to not believe everything i see and read.

    So a while back im watching this September 11th documentary on winamp. Without speculation, they go into amazing analysis on the whole event. Interesting i think, but whats the point. I start diging around and pretty soon i find there is this HUGE conspiracy theory out there on 9/11.

    Ive now watched hours of footage on this, and while i dont agree with EVERYTHING these people say, a lot of it makes sense, and at the very least raises a lot of questions. Anyway, i really hope all these people are wrong, and after this video i think you will agree. Sadly i think they are right on many aspects sad.gif

    Im not going to comment further on this, u watch it and make up your own mind.
    U win some...
    The rest u smoke

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    It was totally an inside job, there's sooooo much concrete evidence out there it's not funny.
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      you guys should watch a bit of penn & teller: bullshit


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        you guys should watch a bit of penn & teller: bullshit
        i have sen this on a DL list, whats it like.....



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          ROFL-COPTER on standby.

          All aboard!
          (No box-cutters please.)


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            Crimmo, do you ride with your eyes closed too?


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              It happened, we can't change that.


              AREA 51 eat your heart out!


              Mr Bush j00 have some splaining to do!

              I used to be a rebel.


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                All these conspirists and people like that wonderful maggot Michael Moore carry on about this shit

                Here is something to think about

                George Dubya is a lot of things, he certainly hasn't been our best President but a mass murderer he isn't, he is lucky to get through any of his speeches without fucking up, so how the hell could he pull off killing so many innocent citizens without slipping up somewhere - and why would Bin Laded take credit for it?

                Concrete evidence my bollocks
                The kneebone's connected to the something, the something's connected to the red thing, the red thing's connected to my WRIST WATCH


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                  In todays world, information is more valuable than oil. The readiness of the media to accept the obvious stories is also quite startling, and they definately don't take a good enough look to tell both sides of the story.

                  These videos do raise some very valid points, such as why the video evidence of, and places nearby and surrounding the pentagon were so quickly collected, and never displayed. Such footage, if original would've been a very good justification for these incursions, and put alot of public minds at ease. So where is it?

                  The stories about explosives being placed in the WTC goes alot farther, with alot less credibility.

                  That said, I like to believe my own truths, but definately won't trade my liberties for anything at this point in time, especially since more people have died in road accidents than terrorist acts in any given decade, in just about any given country not in a land dispute.

                  That's my 2 cents, which thankfully for internet banking is still valid.


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                    It was totally an inside job, there's sooooo ........
                    LMFAO ! ..... i saw the topic , and thought of Mr John. Sure enuf ........

                    They are coming for you Mr John !!!! lol

                    All these conspirists and people like that wonderful maggot Michael Moore carry on about this shit
                    Seriously i was just today talking to Blubous about this redneck overweight disgusting pig of a yank. He has a whole different sprectrum on what reality is between us and his world .... he lies and spreads false propaganda , and it really is a shame cause as a documentarian , he should be able to cut the facts form fallacy. Sadly Hollywood points him in the direction he wants to go.

                    He would have one hell of a good time with Trevor Paddenburg , Michelle Roberts and Grant Dorrington.


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                      George Dubya is a lot of things, he certainly hasn't been our best President but a mass murderer he isn't, he is lucky to get through any of his speeches without fucking up, so how the hell could he pull off killing so many innocent citizens without slipping up somewhere - and why would Bin Laded take credit for it?
                      Because someone else is pulling the strings?

                      I'm in Jordan right now, and I hear a lot from the Muslims here this anti-semitic bullshit I have dubbed the 'Jewish Conspiracy'. i.e. that 'The jews have all the money', America is run by them and supports Israel and that September 11 was a plot to make Islam look bad. Hurhghrg


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                        I guess everyone has their own opinions of how countries should be run and what should be done in a crisis situation. Is the information from a reliable source, or is this just more pointing the finger by the media? Of course there are going to be things that are kept from the public eye prob for the sake of security reasons and as not to distress the public (before elections etc) a need to know basis if you will. I'm not denying that Mr Bush hasn't made mistakes and big ones and he has one of the worst accents I have ever heard, but we are only human we all make mistakes.

                        SEX, DRUGS, ROCK AND OR ROLL
                        I used to be a rebel.


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                          Hey Saf, I'm so glad I didn't disappoint you. I doubt they're after me, I don't think they give a shit for the opinions of us little-folk.

                          Dugy, you're an engineer, can you fill in some engineering blanks for me please?
                          In the history of human endeavour only three steel-framed buildings have ever collapsed due to fires - and they all collapsed on the same day. Spooky huh? I think so. WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 later on in the day.
                          All of these bear a remarable resemblance to the footage we've all seen of controlled demolitions.
                          Does anybody else find that strange?

                          Please don't cry "But the planes, the jet fuel"
                          1 The towers were built to withstand the impact of a jumbo jet.
                          2 Jet fuel is incapable of melting construction grade steel - else why would we need oxy torches?
                          3 In 1945, the Empire State Building withstood the impact of a U.S. Army Air Corps B-25 bomber. Fourteen lives were lost, but the steel structure remained standing after the unarmed trainer plane slammed into the building’s 79th floor.

                          Another engineering blank - howcome the hole in the Pentagon was significantly smaller than the aircraft which supposedly crashed into it? And for that matter, why is there no evidence of the fuselage, wings, engines, luggage, seats, corpses in the aftermath of the event?

                          If you can't soberly address these questions without shouting "michael moore is a fat c*nt" then what does that say about your own ability to think independently? I personally dont' have any particular affection for him - but ad-hominem statements about his weight or appearance do not contribute anything except to illustrate the arguer's own ignorance.

                          How can you flatly assume that everyone but George W lies, he was kinda misleading on WMDs in Iraq thing, dontcha think?

                          Enough from me, I have researched this loads, the arguments and the counter arguments and I made up my own mind(however small you may think it is). You are free to make up your own mind, or to just follow where you are led.
                          Blue pill/Red pill - fuck it, as a questionably wise man once said, I'll take both of them ya freakin panzy.

                          Mr John


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                            .....oh you think you're gonna drag me into this do ya buddy.....

                            I'm pretty sure you know I've said my piece on before.

                            DISCLAIMER: The following is only an opinion, mine, I'm not claiming to be an authority on the topic.

                            I have read "some" of the material out there, out of interest, not to with a "pro" or "anti" US sentiment.
                            I personally don't think that highly of them or the way they do things, but I see them as the lesser of two (or more) evils.
                            But that's another argument.

                            I've found the conspiracy arguments to be usually mis-informed, with "facts" skewed and twisted to assist the argument.
                            With total disgard for fact, common sense and the laws of physics.

                            RE: The Empire State Building surviving a plane crash. That thing is much more solid structure than the WTC.
                            It's a lattice of steel and concrete with a lot smaller areas of open span roof, with many more vertical supports.

                            The WTC. That was a modular building, put together piece at a time. The way the walls went up first, with floors suspended between them. Scary.
                            I have no idea what factor of safety they had in mind regarding the load each floor was designed to take.
                            Make a really funky model from JENGA pieces, then try and take a chunk out of the side. Crash. WTC.

                            Other examples of how a very small aspect of a big 'structure' can bring it undone.

                            Unsuitable bolts used in the titanic.
                            Cheap "O-rings" in NASA stuff.

                            Were they the work of the US govt.?

                            RE: The aircraft, that hollow thin walled structure designed to fly.....I'm not surprised is disitergrated when it hit a concrete structure like the pentagon.
                            Here's a link to a jet hitting a brick wall.....check it out. (unless it's a fake vid.)

                            Side note to the aircraft.
                            An email at uni went around of an F1 car hitting a wall and exploding into bits.
                            The engineering squid sitting at the desk next to me goes:
                            "Hahaha look at that, it fell to piece, the engineers didn't design that very well."
                            ...I laughed....a lot.....and pointed out the F1 is designed to cut though air, as past as possible, not survive an impact like that.....that's what Volvo's are for.
                            Sure you could design a air-craft to survive an impact like's called a bunker-buster. (that doesn't go off.)
                            Or and F1 to survive the impact intact....but it won't win a race.
                            Or a building designed to survive an impact from an aircraft...but how much do you want to spend?
                            Or house's strong enough to withstand the impact of a P-Plater's kingswood.


                            Ok you got me.

                            I bit.


                            If Kawasaki designed a ZR-7 to survive what you put your would wind up similar to HUMMER.



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                              Well lets line up a few facts here right away...

                              The majority of people who were killed yanks.... result.... who cares??? Theres plenty more..

                              United Airlines is hardly the best airline in the world... the fact that they havent flown into the WTC before is a miracle in itself.

                              It made great TV.... but after seeing the same planes, same buildings topple over and over again... well it became old news by about, oh, I don't know 2:00pm that day. They could have at least thrown in a couple of Cessnas or Beechcrafts into the mix... It wouldn't have been as spectacular, but would have offered up a gradual build up to the finale... A bit like a fireworks display.

                              But the worst and most true irritaing part of the whole thing was that there wasnt enough advertising prior to the events... In hind sight I could have sent a whole bunch of people I dislike there and watch them get burnt up on Jet A1

                              Oh well, at least I lost one wanker in Bali a year and a day later... sometimes the world gives ya one for free.

                              Trying to think of a wise and sincere signature quote, but the only words that leap to mind are, "TITTY SPRINKLES"