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Awkward sneeze moments

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  • Awkward sneeze moments

    This, as a thread topic, could either go ok or fail dismally...
    So this morning while I was brushing my teeth out of nowhere I had to sneeze. Not the kind where you can savor it and make preparations or prolong it...just BAM there it is. Needless to say, toothpaste went EVERYWHERE haha. Anyone else have any sneeze related tales to share?

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    I have a feeling it will die a quick painless death, but will add to it anyway

    Me and my girlfriend were sitting directly across from her daughter at the dinner table last night and she had one of those, except she had just put a tomato in her mouth. We copped the full blast, looked liked a scatter bomb had gone off!!
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      breakfast cereal... fine spray of milk and wheaty particulate, its like cold napalm.
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        Had a cold, blocked up nose. Was gross as.

        Took the bike out, what perfect timing my nose had to finally get rid of the congestion. 100km/h, sneezed all over my visor, a week of grossness finally gone, all in my helmet
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        That little girl likes her pizza more than you like people


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          When my daughter was about 18 mths old she speezed* on the stuck up clean freak neighbours kid.

          *speezed= sneezed immediately after a baby spew
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            I'll second breakfast cereal.

            That stuff turns the area in front of you into a blast zone.

            Wheatbix are the worst.
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              Mate was walking back from the bar with 4 pints held together with both hands.

              About 2m from us he stops with a panicked look on his face, realising his impending doom, and sneezed straight into all of our beers.

              What I have always wondered is, if we hadn't seen, would he still have given us the beers.


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                Well there was one memorable moment when I was suffering from Gastro...

                On second thoughts, I'll spare you the details...


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                  Originally posted by boeman View Post

                  What I have always wondered is, if we hadn't seen, would he still have given us the beers.
                  You wasted beer????! or he just drank them himself?


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                    Sneezed with a mouthful of rice.

                    It's incredibly hard to get rice out of your nasal passage :mellow:
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                      Originally posted by Huggy View Post
                      You wasted beer????! or he just drank them himself?
                      Drank them himself.

                      Dunno about you, but booger brew isn't my favourite.


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                        Originally posted by boeman View Post
                        Drank them himself.

                        Dunno about you, but booger brew isn't my favourite.
                        Sounds very convenient..


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                          post coitus. funny as.
                          Originally posted by Red_is_Best
                          hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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                            Originally posted by Fastgirl View Post
                            post coitus. funny as.
                            during and a knocking her out on the headboard was less funny....
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                              Those girls that are too lady to fart, they. They normally sneeze and a fart slips out cause there to stoopid to just let one rip when they need too.

                              Hot girls farting, yeahhhhh
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