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  • Where to visit in Singapore

    Since spending on a new bike saved some money to take the family on holiday to Singapore staying on santosa island going to universal studios what else is worth seeing and doing please also where to eat would be good info ,

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    You can swim with Pink Dolphins at Underwater word which I think is awesome! If the Mrs likes high end shopping Orchard road is amazing, for cheap shopping go to Boogie Street. Little India and China town both interesting places. You could do a river cruise with Singapore river experience which is only like 18 bucks for an adult, awesome views and great commentary. Hmmm what else?

    Singapore zoo, Jurong bird park.. You can get your feet eaten by fish (interesting experience). Food I can't really help with.. We just ate wherever looked like it was packed with locals :p

    I love Singapore. Im sure your family will too

    edit: Ams beat me to the zoo
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      Also go to the Zoo and night safari, the man made tree tops at Marina Bay Sands. While your there check out the motorbike shops


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        The Singapore flyer is awesome! Sentosa itself though is just full of things to do all very family oriented. Highly doubt the family will get bored there :p


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          Sentosa is a nice spot, plenty to do there...

          It's been a while since I was in Singapore, but from memory the taxis are pretty cheap, so they're a good way to get around. Your missus will no doubt love the shopping there...

          As for food, I always preferred the hawker markets, you can get some decent local food at very reasonable prices.

          I just hope you aren't a drinker. It costs an awful lot to get drunk in Singapore...


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            Gardens by the Bay is one of the world's natural wonders, IMHO. If you like museums, then the Asian Civilisations Museum is a must. The financial district has awesome sculptures (including a Dali) scattered throughout the streets. Universal Studios is great. Clarke Quay is the place for a nice night out. High tea at the Shangri-La is not to be missed (but book online here before you go: The Raffles Hotel is worth drinking in. The Funan Centre has all things electronic (especially Black Tactical for those 'special' military needs). The National Orchid Garden is stunning if you like orchids. Personally, I think Bugis Street is over-rated - it's just full of cheap shit. Don't go to Little India on your own if you're a woman. A Bum Boat ride along the river is very pleasant.
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              Haw Par Villa.
              BEST CHILDRENS OUTING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

              edit: found link.
              Also, you really want to get off Setosa for your eating. Its crazy pricey and very limited in selection when compared to the rest of Singapore.
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                excellent feedback thanks all taken aboard looking forward to the trip now knowing a few tips and places to visit.


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                  La Pau Sat for eating. as in, every night for eating. just ask at your hotel how to get there


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                    +1 Zoos [day and night safari]
                    Use the underground- find out how good public transport can be....
                    Simlim square = a shopping centre devoted to technology on bencoolen st, where there is also some good museum action and art galleries.
                    Also, it ain't cheap but, a meal or drinks at the Equinox restaurant in the Swissotel Stamford one evening is pretty speccie.
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                      Dempsy hill , sams curry house. Well worth it , a great experience, its also right next to the botanic gardens , nice orchid display a must for Singas IMO

                      Also go to the new Asia bar on level 71 and 72 , kids should be ok as a resteraunt is there also, just by a beer (before 8 pm) and enjoy the view.

                      as said previously , Bay sands gardens are great, the Zoo is great, Jarrong Bird park is OK .

                      Orchad Towers (not kid friendly ) other wise known as 4 floors of hores .
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