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gopro setting for hero 3

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  • gopro setting for hero 3

    anyone care to share their gopro settings

    what you use for which situation for a bike ride

    where to mount

    direct video or burst or pics by the second

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    I always use 1080p 30fps wide angle, but am considering using the more standard looking narrow angle as everything looks a bit bigger in the video and you lose that fisheye curve.

    Burst photo is close to useless unless you have a wifi remote or something with your finger hovering over the capture button, you'll just end up missing what you wanted to capture and getting a series of useless photos.

    Time lapse is great tho, a photo every second or two until the battery runs out, play it back at normal speed, this setting makes the sky look incredible.

    I have a few video's on youtube if you want to see what I've done?
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