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    I had a conversation with my wife the other day about how no-one seems to know or care about moving over for emergency vehicles with sirens and flashing lights in Perth.
    I had recently watched an ambo negotiating an intersection (with a red light), fugn hopeless!! Not just the chick driving said ambo, but also the pathetic response from other drivers to get the fugg out of her way.
    Anyway, today I was riding up Orrong Rd towards the city when I heard a siren behind me. I looked in my mirror and saw a police car with red and blues and he also flicked his hi beam lights. I assumed it was for me, seeing as I had been riding sort of spiritedly. I moved into the left lane and as he came along side of me, I noticed that none of the three coppers were even looking at me. SWEET... they were after a real criminal. I moved back into their lane, but stayed back about 70 metres. Would you believe that I was able to ride with them for about 2 kms on Orrong because no-one bothered to move out of their way. The traffic was med heavy and there were empty turning lanes on the right.
    Some will suggest that this is a perfect response to police! Block 'em for as long as possible. However, in this case they weren't obviously chasing someone.
    We have lots of new drivers on our roads, so where does the "get out of their way" lesson get taught? Do driving instructors teach that? I hope so.
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    Yeah no shit hey. I couldn't believe what I saw on Roe Hwy the other day. A road train was holding up the right hand lane with a cop car (lights and sirens blaring) for about 2kms. Fair enough the driver was overtaking a few slower vehicles in the left hand lane, but it really could have made an effort to get out of the way. Had a couple of opportunities to push left after going past cars, but just stayed put. It actually looked like the truck was doing a runner.

    It was a TEG car anyway, so it's not like they were off to do anything important, but it does suck that those in the force who are out to catch real criminals, as well as ambos and firies do seem to get held up by ignorant people.

    I'd be all for Fire trucks nudging cars out the way if they are being blatantly obstructive...


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      Failing to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle within a reasonable distance to notice/pull over should be a $5,000 fine and instant loss of license, minimum.

      Id be all for summary roadside execution actually in the case of not getting the fuck out the way of ambos, but I doubt that would fly.
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        do driving instructors teach what a red light is for as well? had a few incidents in the last few weeks which make me doubt it.
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          Originally posted by chief wiggum View Post
          do driving instructors teach what a red light is for as well?
          They are for checking text messages and updating FB statuses


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            Some might find this interesting.
            Perth Drivers Blocking Ambulances | March 12, 2013 - YouTube

            This is a great video and something similar should be shown to new drivers in my opinion and an condensed versions done by WAPOL, DFES and SJA played every now and again then on commercial TV . Also The guy doing the driving was awesome so professional and collected the whole time.


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              I think that obstruction of emergency vehicles has a lot more to do with people's inability to handle an unusual situation rather than a lack of concern or care about what's going on.

              I've been in the situation of an ambo or cop flashing up many times and mostly witnessed people pulling off to the side to let the vehicles pass. But there always seems to be one or two who freak out and make the wrong choices. They don't pull over; they choose to obey the traffic lights or signs rather than respond to the immediate need - it seems that their fear of causing an accident outweighs the requirement to let the emergency vehicle pass.

              Never have I thought their behavior was intended to deliberately obstruct the EV's. They just panicked - and when panicked what seems like an obvious and logical course of action to us is causing a "waaa I'm freaking out...can't think straight" response from the cages.

              Every week most of us deal with getting cut off, smidsy-ed etc. Although this always shits and sometimes hurts us, over time it sharpens our senses; it makes us more situationally aware and better riders as a result. An EV situation is a piece of piss for us to deal with.

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                In response to above. It doesn't matter if you are moving out of the way for an emergency vehicle. You will still get a pineapple for going through a Red light.
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                  You do all realize that if your stationary at a set of lights and an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you the rule is to stay where you are.
                  The reason is because if cars start moving about the vehicle has to then think about them aswell, they are teaching this is driving lessons now and at the Applied first aid course i just completed a few days ago.

                  If you are on the opposite side with a green you are to remain stationary so the EV can negotiate onto the wrong side of the road without fear of vehicles moving.
                  Just food for thought before you go blasting someone for not moving.

                  If however you are moving then yes you are required to slow, move to the left and place your hazards on.
                  Just what i was told by St John Ambo.
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                    I was thinking about this very subject the other day, you no longer see the information adverts to merge left when emergency vehicle approaches, or for genuine emergencies ring '000'. I do wonder if kids get taught any of this at home or school or is the parental expectation that their children will inherit this information from someone else?

                    I have during an accident heard someone in the crowd yell, "someone call 911!" I was in Perth.
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                      I covered this on my DFES on road course. You must make way for an emergency vehicle without breaking other road rules.
                      I have been on the way to calls under lights and sirens and cars completely ignore you or panic, slow down and hold you up. A HSR with 1000L of water on it has a top speed of 90 or so, just keep going if it's a 90 or 100 zone and you won't hold us up.
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                        That's what you gonna get when most of the instructors this days are Chainees


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                          blind leading the blind comes to mind.

                          Originally posted by palo27 View Post
                          That's what you gonna get when most of the instructors this days are Chainees


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                            People have confused "don't drink and drive" with "don't think and drive".
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                              Ahh yer, a bit poorly worded on my part - I was thinking stopping on greens to let an EV run a red.
                              It didn't look that far on the map...