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BWTK: Anyone a fan of mothers' ruin?

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  • BWTK: Anyone a fan of mothers' ruin?

    After seeing a post from [MENTION=34171]boeman[/MENTION] in the pubchat thread made me wonder, anyone else a fan of gin?
    I've found this fella to be the best in my travels so far:

    May be of interest to y'all, Frisk. Small Bar | Check the menu.

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    I'm a fan of the old blue bottled Bombay Sapphire myself.

    On occasion, not a regular one, but it's a good starter for a big night coz it burns that palate clean.

    Cannot stand tonic water though.

    Do we know how Gin came about? Back when it got started, distilled alcohol tasted fucking awful. Loaded to the gills with methanol, fusels and alkaloids it really was quite nasty. So they found stuff to flavour spirits with - hence Gin and a whole bunch of different Schnapps and god knows what else. Quite different to whisky where the flavour is a result of the process of fermentation and distillation.

    But people developed a taste and tradition around it so, even when the distilling process got better and better, they keep steeping Juniper innit to make nommy.

    I approve of this process and like the flavour.

    Coz it's fucking classy.
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      Bombay Sapphire is my choice at regular bars, as most will stock that and Gordons (fucking terrible stuff). Always get a bottle or 2 duty free too, good value.

      Surpised on not liking the tonic water though? They go together like beans and farts.

      I went to a cocktail night recently and mine and Ms boeman's cocktail we made was a Gin Fizzy. Thoroughly recommend for gin fans.

      My love of gin started when I used to smash gin and juice when I was 18 as it was easy to get me shit-faced and for some reason never got a hangover. Then a bar wench stuffed up and made me a gin and tonic, and the rest was history.


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        I've never had Bombay. Always gone the cheaper Tanqueray. Given I'm working in a bottle-o I really should give it a try.

        Damn trip to Bali. Over cocktails and 'tang so I had a gin and tonic. Considering I used to HATE the stuff, weird how it's now my choice drink.


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          For some reason Gin gives me a headache...

          Only need one or two and I start getting a headache...


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            Have this sitting in my office at the moment.


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              BWTK: Anyone a fan of mothers' ruin?

              Originally posted by Seb View Post
              Have this sitting in my office at the moment.

              Big fan of Hendricks, got liter in my cupboard waiting... In fact I might nail it right now.

              Not a fan of tonic either

              Wow $75 for discontinued beefeaters crown jewel, per drink
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                Hendricks has kind of come out of nowhere, heaps of people drinking it now.

                I like Hendricks , Tonic and a slice of Red capsicum.

                Another one everyone is smashing atm is The Kraken.

                Loving my cocktails atm aswell. Laneway Lounge is a top little joint with some good drinks.
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                  Juniper berries are a known depressant. Don't give it to an emotional gf.

                  Then again, tears make the best lube.


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                    Originally posted by Sentient View Post
                    Juniper berries are a known depressant. Don't give it to an emotional gf.

                    Then again, tears make the best lube.
                    Hahahahaha I only just said this to mine yesterday.


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                      Yep G&T is my summer drink, along with Pimms. Bombay Sapphire here.


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                        Not a huge gin fan but a G 'n T on a hot summers day round the pool is a wonderful thing.

                        I like Tanqueray; more so than Bombay Sapphire.

                        When it comes to cheap n nasty I find gin to be the worst ever; tastes like paint stripper smells and gives you THE worst overhang. Avoid this shit at all cost:

                        I'd put a cheap ass Whisky, Bourbon or Vodka on my shopping list before a Gin.
                        It didn't look that far on the map...


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                          I've been known to finish off a bottle of Vickers in a session.
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                            I much prefer Tanqueray over Bombay as far as cornerstone of my gin diet is concerned. Then there is Tanqueray 10 for when I've been good.
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                              I have Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray Ten on the go.

                              You can't have a G 'n T in winter. Doesn't feel right.
                              Spiral out, keep going...