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Underwater photos for/by Desmo and Captain Starfish

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  • Underwater photos for/by Desmo and Captain Starfish

    I'll start.

    Lying on the ocean floor looking up at this school of Old Wives (Enoplosus armatus) I am treated to a moment where the school have created their very own jetty pylon.

    Their unfortunate common name refers to the sound made when a fish is caught on a fishing line. I wonder if the plural of the common name should be 'Old Wifes' instead?

    As shown the visibility down at Rapid Bay is still very good even with some recent bad weather. This site holds up very well to periods of bad weather from the west through to the south which will be our most common type of 'weather' as we head into summer.

    Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 692, A Pile of Old Wives', 1/60s f/14 ISO640 15mm
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    That wouldn't have happened without a CCR


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      Maybe, I can still see the pixels bubbles pylon "above" and behind the fish...

      Pretty shot. Some of our local guys n gals are winning awards all over the place, WA Underwater Photography Society is churning out some good stuff!
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        Possibly the greatest photo ever taken.

        Encompasses four things I have a passion for in one frame. It is even in B & W so can be called art.

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          If you haven't heard of Clark Little, you are missing out on a lot.

          He is the only reason I have instagram, his daily photos keep me sane.


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            Random pictures of me, cheap cameras.

            Boring landscape but I like the shot:



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              Here are some of mine, lifted from Facebook so apologies for the compression.

              This is one of my favourite shots, natural lighting during a late dive. It's just a pity the subjects aren't in focus

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                  Stunning likeness!

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                    Dis is some of the stuff I do underwater

           Flickr links not work??!!


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                      [MENTION=7864]Sventek[/MENTION], there are a number of underwater photography Facebook pages if you want to have a look.


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                        Oh yeah, forgot this one.


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                          Not a photo by me, but a photo of me... I love this shot of me at the entrance to Chac Mool Cenote near Tulum, Mexico.


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                            Originally posted by BenG View Post
                            Chac Mool Cenote near Tulum, Mexico.
                            No one gives a shit, you know that right?
                            Especially not me, not at all.


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                              Green really isn't your colour Jim...