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Has anyone ever used HBA Learning Centre?

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  • Has anyone ever used HBA Learning Centre?

    Looking at possibly doing a Cert IV in Training and Assessment through these guys given the price is the cheapest currently from my research. Just wondering it there is a reason for this. They seem to be a sizable company and given I'm doing completely online, I'm a bit concerned about level of attention if required.

    Only thing I've found is this negative review.
    Not Good Enough - Australia's Customer Complaints Website :: View topic - Poor student support and general rudeness
    Ps, price is currently 800 'til Saturday if anyone is interested.

    Anyone got any experience with them?

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    No, but make sure first aid isn't one of their units in their package. In fact, check their units against list carefully. When I did my course I nearly signed up to a place and then found out the units offered were the old ones. My cert wouldn't have been worth jack if I had done the course and it was a big name training company in Perth too.
    I went through Plenty training, they were actually pretty good and the facility was great. They use a psychological training approach- great if you know what they're doing and can therefore spend the time messing with them
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      I did frontline management in my own time year to finish. I think my work was of far too high a standard. Don't over do it to just get a cert. Also did Diploma of OHS with them 5 day course finished in 4.
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