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    Hello How are you

    Im a licenced hunter and im wondering if anyone on these forums has access to property between 500-1000+ achers or are a prime preducer. must have Rabbits and kangaroo anything else such as goats, foxes, boar and ferrel cats is a bonus.
    And need them removed.

    im fully licenced and insured.

    please pm me if you know of or can point me in the right direction.

    Must be WA based and im willing to travel

    thanks for your time


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    There are a couple of guys on here that have access to properties, they might know of others


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      awsome thank you,ill wait for a reply


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        Anyone?, friend of a friend ?


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          ha ha sounds like they are keeping quite

          I'll dob one in via PM


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            As a general rule, you'll have to get to know people before they will let you out onto properties for hunting. Asking strangers online rarely works out for aspiring shooters. It's similar to asking where a good spot to practice wheelies is.
            Good luck anyway.

            Btw, are you a licenced kangaroo shooter? If not then it is illegal to shoot them.
            Sure, many people do it, they make great eating, but keep it to yourself.
            Go nuts on the ferals though, more of those that get knocked off the better.


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              Originally posted by Huggy View Post

              Btw, are you a licenced kangaroo shooter? If not then it is illegal to shoot them.
              Not true. You are permitted to shoot them when there is an Open Season season notice in effect. See the link... Kangaroos - Department of Environment and Conservation

              As a recreational shooter, you can not remove any part of the carcass from the property.

              Also [MENTION=45283]Marti[/MENTION] , have you tried any of the SSAA's Conservation and Wildlife Management branches. I believe Peel Hunting and Conservation is the largest.


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                Yeah I have tried pretty much everywhere, I may take a decent drive east over the holidays and ask some property owners. I have a friend who Is a licenced roo hunter. so im trying to find properties for both of us really


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                  Its the metric shit tonne of trigger happy rednecks over here that make it difficult for legit guys to find places to hunt.
                  I bow hunt and have access to a number of properties and have a small property of my own (too small to shoot on sorry). I'll see how they feel about a couple of shooters thinning the herds and get back to you.


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                    yeah that's the response im getting, ass clowns come in and shoot live stock, destroy fences and don't adhere to the rules laid down buy the property owner. we are legit guys looking to lend a hand. Any help would be great,like I said we are will to travel. please contact me once you have spoken to your property wrs.

                    thank you