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Commuting to Bunbury from Perth

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  • Commuting to Bunbury from Perth

    I might have a new job.

    It is based in Bunbury on a 12 month contract.

    It is a means to an end as may present other opportunities closer to home.

    As its 12 months, the idea of moving the entire family down there for one year is off the cards.

    Renting out house, moving, re-settling, changing kids schools, missus job etc - not worth it.

    Its about a 2 hour drive.

    4 hours a day.

    Finding something within my 4 commuting hours a day would be a priority. Studying, learning a new language, that sort of thing.

    Has anyone done this for such a long period of time? Did it drive you bat-shit insane? Could you handle it? What language did you learn?

    NB: Most of this will be driving not riding.
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    Don't do it, you will go insane after the first week. (not to mention the fuel bills).
    I've tried similar from even as close as Waroona/Dwellingup and you only last about a week.

    Leave the kids/wife in Perth, rent a small unit/apartment in Bunbury for 12 months and head back for weekends (and maybe Wednesday, or every second Wednesday)
    You'll still be home 3-4 nights a week, but you won't be putting in 14 hour days. Use the time saved to do overtime so you can bail early Friday, or earn a bit of extra cash.


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      How much is your time a and fuel worth to you?
      20 hours per week commuting is half a working week.
      Fuck that.


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        Fuel's about $50 a day for about 100,000 km wear and tear on the car over 12 months?

        Gotta be equal to rent on a place to about $400 a week.

        On top, you put the price of your time.

        and you get a party house. Sub let on weekends.
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          I was travelling everyday from Baldivis to Bunbury for a little over 12 months. For me it was worth it in relation to Money and Career. But as soon as I could I stopped.
          What line of work do you do? Door to door it took me 1hr 15min which is what I do if I commute on the train! The travel does suck but you do what you have to for work.

          I was driving a D22 4x2 turbo diesel Navara cost $25 a day and 250 km a day so maintinance adds up. Depending on your line of work you may be able to claim Travel costs.

          A mate a worked with down there Has rented a room up this way and stays Mon-Fri, commutes up moday morning heads back Friday, he hates leaving the Wife and Kids down there but like I said you do what you have to do for work. And his wife cooks all his meals for him for the week!


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            Was a weekend commuter for 7 yrs,with the occasional midweek flying visit,worked well for me,At least give it a try.Son in law is doing this at the mo,and they have finished up buying an investment property there for him to use until the contract finishes.


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              Not to mention 2hrs is the driving time for a casual run down there on a weekend. Peak hour could push that out by a LOT.

              I used to be a building supervisor up in Alkimos. Granted, the car/fuel was paid for, but I just fucking hated the drive (about an hour realistically from the Osborne Park office).

              I concur with above. Rent a 1 bed flat/granny flat for 12 months Monday-Friday.


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                My lady has been driving Gero to Binnu every day for the last 2 years to teach. 80 odd K there and back. Don't do it mate, you get home and you'll be buggered, you're social life will go down the shitter because you'll be getting home too tired and late to do anything, and you'll be racking up the miles on your car meaning more fuel and servicing more often.

                Seriously, she was only an hour there and back, 2 hours would smash you. Try and find cheap accommodation down there to stay at during the week.


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                  First, congrats on finding some potential work so soon mate, I'm really stoked to see that.

                  Second, that is a really tough call to try and make. Commuting time vs family time. I can't honestly imagine how hard the choice is going to be.

                  I will say though, growing up (from when I was probably a similar age to your eldest) my mother worked insane hours. She really wasn't around much and I've no clear memories of quality time we may have had. I know why she was doing it, but while we were certainly occupying the same roof, days would pass where we wouldn't see one another at all.
                  With commuting four hours a day, will that eat into the quality family time? With tech these days, could you, the kids and the missus see and call one another every day, and focus on serious family time on the weekends?

                  The commuting may become exceptionally difficult in short order, so maybe give it a shot for a couple of weeks, but at the same time research a small apartment or similar rental in Bunbury that could serve as a base of operations for you down there during the week, and would probably cost considerably less than a daily commute.

                  With another place to hang your hat, you could even take your better half down there for the weekend while the kids are with the out-laws or a babysitter.

                  No easy answers mate, just gotta find the right family/work/commuting balance.

                  As for filling time on long commutes, I listen to a lot of This American Life, take notes on stories and ideas (tricky while driving, maybe dictate?) and sing very loudly and very badly.
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                    Re: Things to do while driving.

                    The favourite game of Ms boeman and I is finding insults in the way of roadside signs.

                    "You're "free manure"".
                    "You're arsehole is a "public rest area"".

                    And so on. You would be surpised how much entertainment we get out of it. Ring the missus and throw some insults her way. I know mine enjoys it.


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                      Id allow 5 hrs a day to travel
                      also go quite insane and suffer exhaustion.

                      maybe ok if you have a small helicopter to commute
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                        That's a really tough choice to make. I know when we used to live in the uk my dad had some seriously long days. Gone by 4-5 (I was asleep so never knew for sure) and home at around 6-7ish sometimes it's tough but had to be done.

                        I started to get the shits with a 45 minute commute to Balcatta from Brigadoon pretty quick as well.

                        I would personally agree with what others have said. Rent a cheap place commute down Monday morning, stay the week, drive back Friday night. Kind of like a 5 day-2 day shift if you were FIFO.

                        Regardless that's a really tough decision to make.
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                          I used to do similar commutes when I lived in the UK. Trouble for me was that it was to different client sites, so couldn't rent anywhere long term. I did stay in hotels quite a bit to offset as much of the travel as possible though. It did drive me batshit sometimes, but you do get used to it. I now have a 15 minute commute and the thought of what I used to do, is beyond contemplation. I used to rent talking books from the library and listen to them, as the radio got very boring after a while. I found learning a language too difficult, as I needed to concentrate too much on it and it affected my driving. You could cut costs a bit by buying a cheap to run bike for the nicer weather, but my money is on getting a place to stay in Bunbury during the week. Good luck with the new job.
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                            Originally posted by DailyBanana View Post

                            I would personally agree with what others have said. Rent a cheap place commute down Monday morning, stay the week, drive back Friday night. Kind of like a 5 day-2 day shift if you were FIFO.

                            Regardless that's a really tough decision to make.
                            +1 rent is very cheap in Bunbury and surounds
                            National pride should not be a crime!.


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                              See if you can rent a caravan or chalet at one of then local caravan parks. Fuel cost alone is going to match the cost of renting a place. I've done a four day a week commute for a month and it is fucking exhausting.