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Playstation 4 network problems

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  • Playstation 4 network problems

    Anyone else getting annoyed with the store issues?

    You can't add a credit card because of the rediculous verification system, you can't purchase via your wallet because you've not added a credit card?!

    I'm getting vaaaaherry annoyed with this gay box of annoyance by the tv!

    Google seems to think a few people are having the same issues, just wondered if anyone on here was?

    If so I've found going to the playstation store in the browser (or on a desktop) and adding your billing info then logging back in on your playstation will work eventually. I also had to enter "wa 6000" as a state and leave post code blank to get it to work..

    But if you get it working, kill zone is free for subscribers so could save you 100 bucks..
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