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xbox360 controller on Pc

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  • xbox360 controller on Pc

    Wanna play something on PC and got 2 xbox360 controllers (don´t want to f around so ordered native support ones). Now one says it´s for PC and came with a CD. This one works. The other one is a regular one and I did not want to break the seal to find out it doesn´t work. But I also don´t want to go to the shops. Anybody positive the non PC one does now work without emulators because the drivers are all there already and I can start playing against my flatmate or better to trade it for the other unit that says windows on the package?

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    the other one will need xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver
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      My Xbox controller which came packaged with my Xbox360, works just fine on the PC, it's wireless so I needed to buy a wireless adapter for $5-$15 from Ebay, but it's sweet.
      Before that I used the Ps3 controller with an emulator just fine.


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        Sry it does have a cable. I haven´t unboxed it so couldn´t look. Does it have a USB plug?