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Im going to Armidale, anyone want a lift

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  • Im going to Armidale, anyone want a lift

    so the missus found out she'll be going to university in Arimdale NSW here:

    so we're heading over in 3 - 4 weeks, I'm driving over by myself with the bike in tow.

    has anyone ever been/ lived there? if so what should i expect?

    also looking for someone to drive over with, even if you only need to go as far as Adelaide or something. No charge for fuel, but you'll have to pay for accom at night (backpackers or something cheap). Let me know.

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    Not sure if you're aware, but there's a section on gumtree and a heap of websites dedicated to 'Ridesharing'. You'll prob have better luck on that.


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      Any room for a second bike? Might be able to get someone wanting to do a trackday etc out that way and only have to freight one way!


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        far canal.. she wants to leave Perth to read books?... sup wid dat?
        faster ya go closer to nirvana


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          its cold, fucking cold
          head up past tamworth and blast the dorrigo mountain down to the coast and nambucca heads / coffs way,
          good riding there
          (anarchy in english )


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            WHS ^^

            Fucking freezing part of the world but some amazing riding to be had. Few gorges and waterfalls to see not to far away. Did i mention cold? In the last three years i have driven through a thin layer of snow several times during winter.
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              Well your most Direct-ish type of Route will take 41 odd hours (towing a bike so I guess your going to do 100k's per hour, give or take).

              Looks to me ,your best options are to either drive in 7 to 12 stretches

              If One Up and wanting to stay at Back-Packers over 4 Days (yes, they all have them):

              From: Connolly, Western Australia to Norseman, Western Australia 740 km - about 7 hours 36 mins The Warm-up Run
              Norseman, Western Australia to Ceduna, South Australia 1,201 km - about 12 hours 12 mins Yep we are doing this
              Ceduna, South Australia to Broken Hill, New South Wales 881 km - about 9 hours 21 mins Man you have some funky Body Odour
              Broken Hill, New South Wales to Armidale, New South Wales 1,138 km - about 12 hours 14 mins Did I really Wake up with a Condom hanging out my Ass? What Happens in Vagas, Stays in Vagas

              If Two Up and want to a decent sleep-break:
              From: Connolly, Western Australia to Ceduna, South Australia 1,937 km - about 19 hours 40 mins Why does he keep Laughing and saying "You obviously don't know the First Rule of the Outback Hero, you Never, Ever, Stop......Heh, heh, heh, hah"
              Ceduna, South Australia to Armidale, New South Wales 2,019 km - about 21 hours 34 mins Now I remember, that Movie Wolf Creek 2 is out soon!!

              If Two Up and Hard Core (want to Push it). Just go Same route but to 4 to 6 hour shifts, so 5 change-overs but still gonna take best part of 2 days (you will feel like Shit, so don't do it)
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                Originally posted by Biffer View Post
                far canal.. she wants to leave Perth to read books?... sup wid dat?
                shes got a growing obsession for cutting people open, supposedly they'll let her do it in Armidale

                at the moment im looking at perth, ecula, broken hill than armidale 14,14,12hrs not looking to push it
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                  Oxley Hwy FTMFW
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                    cheers [MENTION=7674]Captain Starfish[/MENTION] ill get a look at this road wen i drive over
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                      You'll end up detouring a hundred km any time you want to get to the coast, just so you can take that road.
                      "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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                        Did anyone mention that it's cold?

                        Great country around there but pack the snowy stuff for winter. Nearly got killed one night driving through the snow down the hill in the snow and met another truck heading in the opposite direction onto a 1 lane bridge. My ort till has bits of vinyl seat embedded in it I clenched that hard.

                        That windy downhill part of the Oxley or Grafton hwy highway heading to Coffs [?? from memory ] will get the bike over so you will love that part.

                        Top part of the country and you are pretty close to some great little towns.

                        Did I say it was also really cold?
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                          Be careful with what time you arrive in Broken Hill. I got there at 0200ish one morning and couldn't find a single servo open so had to sleep the night there - unsure if it's still the same!