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HELP.... Pet friendly rental/share needed ASAP.....$$$ negotiable

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  • HELP.... Pet friendly rental/share needed ASAP.....$$$ negotiable

    Greetings All,

    I’m not surewhere to put this so I thought I might try here for starters.

    As a victim ofmy own stupidity I find myself in dire need of a pet friendly rental/share.Happy to negotiate on price and help with chores, gardening, cook, clean, whateverneeds to be done. If you have something empty I will be sure to keep the placeimmaculate. Same if your a FIFO and want the place looked after while youraway. Promise not to get in your way when your here also.

    Location? Wellnot too fused as have a company car and would drive to the moon if Bransonwould hurry up and build that bridge. I work in Canning Vale if you want to usethat as a reference.

    Pretty quietand keep to myself and not loud in any way. Even the pipe on my bike isstock. Not a big drinker or a smoker. Etc. Just need a place to park my bike and mydog while I get back on track. Oh and my company Navara. Dog by the way is anice docile labrador cross. Friend to all.

    So anyway thats about it. If anyone can help or point me inthe right direction that would be fantastic. Shoot me a PM.
    If not cheers for taking the time to read my story.

    Thanks people.

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    Pm sent.
    The correct number of bikes to own = N + 1, where N is the current number of bikes you own.


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      Got a friend from Tafe who just bought a house in aubin grove..might still need a renter not sure? Can ask?


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        Cheers Guys.. Any and all help greatly appreciated....Talk soon BOFH